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Hi Friends, My name is Kishore Asokan, from the God’s own country, Kerala in India, working in the Maldives, love traveling, good food, road trips.

Have been always curious to try new things, break the traditions, learn from my mistakes, did what ever I felt was right, never would wanted to hurt others knowingly, accepted my mistakes, if I was wrong and do everything to correct it and never repeat it.

Technology freak, used almost all the iPhones, iPads, etc. Created the first Internet village in Kerala, quit studies before the age of 18, went to college again at the age of 29. Started my own business at the age of 19, did not know what to do with the money I had at the age of 25, did not have Rs 7 for the cheapest lunch at the age of 31, lost everything I made.

Now I head a Healthcare company with about 200 professionals.

My hobbies includes but not limited to reading, blogging, vlogging, photography, going for long road trips, and more

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