FaceBook Account Deleted

I had been using Facebook since it’s inception (Facebook was launched on 4th Feb 2004). It’s a great service, met new friends, could get in touch with friends who I had lost touch for years. Even met friends who I had no contacts for more than 25 years. Facebook keeps me silently updated about my … Continue reading FaceBook Account Deleted

MVR900 mln spent under Aasandha for medical care abroad

These figures looks questionable? A country with a population of about 300k spending Mvr 900 million which means an average of Mvr 3 million per citizen? Lots of private sector hospitals in India and Sri Lanka are minting money from the patients coming from Maldives for better healthcare facility.

Government has spent MVR900 million so far this year under the national health insurance scheme ‘Aasandha’ for people seeking medical care abroad, health ministry said Sunday.

Source: HaveeruOnline – MVR900 mln spent under Aasandha for medical care abroad

AMDC Speciality Clinic – Opening Event

AMDC Speciality clinic has started it’s operation yesterday (2nd December 2015). In an event at 04:30 pm, the Health Minister of Maldives, Hon Madam Iruthisham Adam inaugurated the clinic. My Keynote on the occasion Honourable Minister Madam.Iruthisham Adam, Respected Chairman, Mr Adam Naeem, Director Ardene Rasheed, All other invites and AMDC team. Welcome to the … Continue reading AMDC Speciality Clinic – Opening Event

Constance Halaveli Water Villas – Sunset Time

These pictures are taken during my visit to Constance Halaveli Resort just before the opening of the resort on 12th April 2009

Airtel 4G night data cash back offer

Now you see the Airtel 4G Data cash back which means that you get back 50% cash back for the data that you use between 12am and 6am. Now do you need to keep yourself awake and browse or use internet because you get 50% cash back ?

My take on this – I use data whenever I need to and not that I keep myself awake till 12 am and use the data. This would be useful, if you need to install some updates or need to download movies. You can initiate the downloads and got to sleep.

This offer is currently available only for Pre-Paid customers and you need to activate this service to avail the offer.

Brigade Symphony Mysore

Brigade project in Mysore called Brigade Symphony Apartments. Premium apartments with world class facilities. The project is in 7 acres of land, with 5 acre open land. Facilities include cricket pitch, basket ball court, swimming pool, play area for children, club house with gym, table tennis, billiards and many more. The project is located at … Continue reading Brigade Symphony Mysore

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