BSNL did it when all private service providers failed

BSNL has changed a lot during the last few years and especially after Ravi Shankar Prasad became the minister. A new project by Brigade in Mysore with 150 apartments ready and another 150 coming in next 2 years. The residents needed a reliable broadband connection. Airtel, BSNL and some other service providers were approached. Airtel clearly told sorry, not feasible but BSNL did it. FTTH, optic fibre till every home.  100MBPS speed, flexible packages.

Thanks to the BSNL Mysore team.

Data Roaming – Never a facility to be used

International roaming is great gift / service by mobile service providers and is being used widely. But when it comes to the case of data roaming, we get our fingers burned.

Check out the rates mentioned MVR 130 per MB almost a US Dollar of 1MB of data, never affordable.

For Airtel the roaming charge is 20p for 10KB – Yes it’s too high, cannot be used to even any urgent requirments.

Can’t the mobile service providers make it affordable so that users don’t go around searching for local sims.

Daily Habits of Successful Executives – Could help you

There are many important things that you need to train yourself to improve the quality of your life. An Interesting article that everyone should read. There are a lot of very busy people around who do not have enough time for themselves, please go through these 22 habits. You many have many of these, if not try to adopt at least 10 of these.

You might be surprised at the simple things they do to succeed.

Source: 22 Executives Share the Daily Habits That Keep Them on Top

FaceBook Account Deleted

I had been using Facebook since it’s inception (Facebook was launched on 4th Feb 2004). It’s a great service, met new friends, could get in touch with friends who I had lost touch for years. Even met friends who I had no contacts for more than 25 years. Facebook keeps me silently updated about my friends who I am in touch on Facebook. There are lots of advantages from this service and I would say it is a great service. Millions of users use this service, they would go through the news feed, post some updates, pictures.

Facebook is used by different kind of people from different industry and for different purpose. Besides the great advantages, this service is also used by people who have bad intentions too. You may see disturbing posts, some may be abusive, etc.

How to delete your Facebook Account?


Just Google it – You have two options, the first one is to deactivate your account, you can activate it whenever you want. The other one is to delete it permanently. To delete your account for ever, just go to the second link which you see on the search result.

delete_facebook_account 2

As you see in the message, you have an option to get back your account till 14 days.

I personally like this service and have enjoyed using it. I felt that I should take a break, let me see if I would change my mind in next 14 days.

MVR900 mln spent under Aasandha for medical care abroad

These figures looks questionable? A country with a population of about 300k spending Mvr 900 million which means an average of Mvr 3 million per citizen? Lots of private sector hospitals in India and Sri Lanka are minting money from the patients coming from Maldives for better healthcare facility.

Government has spent MVR900 million so far this year under the national health insurance scheme ‘Aasandha’ for people seeking medical care abroad, health ministry said Sunday.

Source: HaveeruOnline – MVR900 mln spent under Aasandha for medical care abroad

AMDC Speciality Clinic – Opening Event

AMDC Speciality clinic has started it’s operation yesterday (2nd December 2015). In an event at 04:30 pm, the Health Minister of Maldives, Hon Madam Iruthisham Adam inaugurated the clinic.

My Keynote on the occasion

Honourable Minister Madam.Iruthisham Adam, Respected Chairman, Mr Adam Naeem, Director Ardene Rasheed, All other invites and AMDC team.

Welcome to the inauguration function of AMDC Speciality Clinic.

Firstly I would like to thank Honourable minister for accepting our invitation to inaugurate this clinic. It’s a privilege to have you here on this occasion. Thank you very much. I would also thank all of you on behalf of the board of directors to be present here on this memorable occasion.

AMDC Speciality clinic is the third clinic by AMDC and AMDC would be celebrating 25 years of service next year. We have over the period of time tried to provide good quality healthcare service in Maldives and also to bring in more and more professionals and services in Maldives.

At AMDC Speciality clinic, we would be providing services of specialists from Maldives and also specialists coming periodically from neighbouring countries.

Other than specialists consultations, we would be currently providing services of full time GP, Home visits of Doctors and Nurses, minor procedures done by specialties, nursing care, laboratory services attached to our laboratory at AMDC clinic and also for SRL Diagnostics, Mumbai.

We will be expanding this clinic over a period time with services like X-ray, Ultrasound and other diagnostic facilities. Other than diagnostic facilities, I would also want to highlight some features at AMDC Clinics – Centralised Electronic Medical Records, Laboratory reports, PACS, Appointment Bookings. We are in a process of testing online laboratory reports and also online appointments to make the service easily accessible to the patients. From the 1st Jan 2016, we would be having a 14 hours a day backend support for providing support to the patients.

We are also in the process of empaneling this clinic with Allied and Amanatakaful Insurance to provide service to the clients of these Insurance companies.

We have a full fledged pharmacy below where all the patients can get all the medicines approved to be sold in Maldives and is already empaneled with Allied and Amanatakaful Insurance.

I hope that this service would be beneficial to people of Maldives and we will try our best to take this services to a higher level.