India and Rio Olympics

Sakshi Malik finally got India a Medal at the Rio Olympics on the 12th day. Indian Prime Minister congratulated Sakshi, the first woman in the Indian history to win an Olympic medal in wrestling. Personally my congratulations to Sakshi, and all others who could participate in the event. India has a population of 1.27 billion … Continue reading “India and Rio Olympics”

Steviana – Stevia Leaves Sweetener

I was searching for Steviana, a powder for like Equal sweetener which was recommended by one of my friend. I had been searching for this, finally today I found this at Fantasy Stores in Male’. I do not usually use sweeteners, but only when I have Coffee, I need some sweetness. Check out this Video … Continue reading “Steviana – Stevia Leaves Sweetener”

BSNL did it when all private service providers failed - BSNL has changed a lot during the last few years and especially after Ravi Shankar Prasad became the minister. A new project by Brigade in Mysore with 150 apartments ready and another 150 coming in next 2 years. The residents needed a reliable broadband connection. Airtel, BSNL and some other service providers were approached. Airtel clearly told sorry, not feasible but BSNL did it. FTTH, optic fibre till every home.  100MBPS speed, flexible packages.Thanks to the BSNL Mysore team.

Author: Kishore

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Data Roaming – Never a facility to be used

International roaming is great gift / service by mobile service providers and is being used widely. But when it comes to the case of data roaming, we get our fingers burned. Check out the rates mentioned MVR 130 per MB almost a US Dollar of 1MB of data, never affordable. For Airtel the roaming charge … Continue reading “Data Roaming – Never a facility to be used”

There are many important things that you need to train yourself to improve the quality of your life. An Interesting article that everyone should read. There are a lot of very busy people around who do not have enough time for themselves, please go through these 22 habits. You many have many of these, if not try to adopt at least 10 of these.
You might be surprised at the simple things they do to succeed.
Source: 22 Executives Share the Daily Habits That Keep Them on Top - Daily Habits of Successful Executives – Could help you

Author: Kishore

Blogging since 2002, working in Maldives, interested in technology, traveling, eating, etc

FaceBook Account Deleted

I had been using Facebook since it’s inception (Facebook was launched on 4th Feb 2004). It’s a great service, met new friends, could get in touch with friends who I had lost touch for years. Even met friends who I had no contacts for more than 25 years. Facebook keeps me silently updated about my … Continue reading “FaceBook Account Deleted”