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Are you depressed? Causes of Depression

Some types of depression run in families, suggesting that a biological vulnerability can be inherited. This seems to be the case with bipolar disorder. Studies of families in which members of each generation develop bipolar disorder found that those with the illness have a somewhat different genetic makeup than those who do not get ill. However, the reverse is not true: Not everybody with the genetic makeup that causes vulnerability to bipolar disorder will have the illness. Apparently additional factors, possibly stresses at home, work, or school, are involved in its onset.

In some families, major depression also seems to occur generation after generation. However, it can also occur in people who have no family history of depression. Whether inherited or not, major depressive disorder is often associated with changes in brain structures or brain function.

People who have low self-esteem, who consistently view themselves and the world with pessimism or who are readily overwhelmed by stress, are prone to depression. Whether this represents a psychological predisposition or an early form of the illness is not clear.

In recent years, researchers have shown that physical changes in the body can be accompanied by mental changes as well. Medical illnesses such as stroke, a heart attack, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and hormonal disorders can cause depressive illness, making the sick person apathetic and unwilling to care for his or her physical needs, thus prolonging the recovery period. Also, a serious loss, difficult relationship, financial problem, or any stressful (unwelcome or even desired) change in life patterns can trigger a depressive episode. Very often, a combination of genetic, psychological, and environmental factors is involved in the onset of a depressive disorder. Later episodes of illness typically are precipitated by only mild stresses, or none at all.

Depression in Women

Women experience depression about twice as often as men. Many hormonal factors may contribute to the increased rate of depression in women-particularly such factors as menstrual cycle changes, pregnancy, miscarriage, postpartum period, pre-menopause, and menopause. Many women also face additional stresses such as responsibilities both at work and home, single parenthood, and caring for children and for aging parents.

A recent NIMH study showed that in the case of severe premenstrual syndrome (PMS), women with a preexisting vulnerability to PMS experienced relief from mood and physical symptoms when their sex hormones were suppressed. Shortly after the hormones were re-introduced, they again developed symptoms of PMS. Women without a history of PMS reported no effects of the hormonal manipulation.

Many women are also particularly vulnerable after the birth of a baby. The hormonal and physical changes, as well as the added responsibility of a new life, can be factors that lead to postpartum depression in some women. While transient “blues” are common in new mothers, a full-blown depressive episode is not a normal occurrence and requires active intervention. Treatment by a sympathetic physician and the family’s emotional support for the new mother are prime considerations in aiding her to recover her physical and mental well-being and her ability to care for and enjoy the infant.

Depression in Men

Although men are less likely to suffer from depression than women, three to four million men in the United States are affected by the illness. Men are less likely to admit to depression, and doctors are less likely to suspect it. The rate of suicide in men is four times that of women, though more women attempt it. In fact, after age 70, the rate of men’s suicide rises, reaching a peak after age 85.

Depression can also affect the physical health in men differently from women. A new study shows that, although depression is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease in both men and women, only men suffer a high death rate.

Men’s depression is often masked by alcohol or drugs, or by the socially acceptable habit of working excessively long hours. Depression typically shows up in men not as feeling hopeless and helpless, but as being irritable, angry, and discouraged; hence, depression may be difficult to recognize as such in men. Even if a man realizes that he is depressed, he may be less willing than a woman to seek help. Encouragement and support from concerned family members can make a difference. In the workplace, employee assistance professionals or worksite mental health programs can be of assistance in helping men understand and accept depression as a real illness that needs treatment.

Depression in the Elderly

Some people have the mistaken idea that it is normal for the elderly to feel depressed. On the contrary, most older people feel satisfied with their lives. Sometimes, though, when depression develops, it may be dismissed as a normal part of aging. Depression in the elderly, undiagnosed and untreated, causes needless suffering for the family and for the individual who could otherwise live a fruitful life. When he or she does go to the doctor, the symptoms described are usually physical, for the older person is often reluctant to discuss feelings of hopelessness, sadness, loss of interest in normally pleasurable activities, or extremely prolonged grief after a loss.

Some Stress is good for health

The challenges that we face on a daily basis are manifold and these take a toll on our health. The challenge is to progress always, but are we actually progressing? With the increase in the number of people undergoing stress-related disorders such as depression, anxiety, headaches, migraines and blood pressure, are we really moving ahead when it comes to living a healthy life? Probably not.

Though mental and physical health is on our priority list, yoga and healthy eating are becoming a way of life and spiritualism, a religion. Still we find it difficult to cope? The definition of stress states that when the demands are higher than one’s resources and ability to cope a person may experience stress. And what we do all the time is constantly push ourselves, sometimes not realising how much we can deal with.

Stress is domain that knows no boundaries. Both men as well as women experience stress, and not just that, they also experience similar type of stress. Women have become more career-oriented and the men attempt to strike a balance between family and work. The social aspect has changed in the last few decades, and stereo-type roles assigned to men and women have also changed.

The one’s who are married find it difficult to cope with nuclear as well as joint families. The single long for companionship, while live-ins and convenient relationships are sometimes easy solutions. Infidelity and low frustration tolerance makes divorce an easy way out.

Besides the stress in personal life it has accelerated on the professional front too. Competition is increasing, and so is insecurity and the need to reach a higher social status and better life style. One wants to provide the best to one’s children and save for the future too.

Stress is not just a phenomenon for men and women or the grown-ups, even children experience stress. They are stressed about studies, peer pressure, parental pressure and various other things. The adolescents feel the need to make quick money and have an enjoyable life, but often wonder how to do it.

So, how much can one deal with. Is there any one without stress? Luckily, some stress is good for health for it makes us work hard and do better for ourselves.

But, the other end of excessive stress leads to mental and physical disorders. Stress may never leave us, but we need to get away from it time and again. So how does one distress? One way of doing it is compartmentalizing personal and professional life. Spending some time just for one’s own self. Resolving internal and external conflicts can also be helpful. Deal with stress in a positive way.

Talk to someone, go for walks, and seek help as and when required. Avoid negative-coping mechanism such as drinking, smoking, drugs and other addictions which are only a temporary solution to the bigger problem. These mechanisms only increase stress.

Sometimes people avoid being stressed which leads to pent-up feelings. People are often unable to understand that dealing with the problem helps in moving ahead. Although we know it may be difficult to cope, and the pressures may increase, starting the day on a good note with a smile can bring a change within and around us. Make your expectations and ambitions a positive booster rather than a negative downer, and your stress levels are bound to go down.

My stress buster:- Two hours of health management each morning by way of yoga, exercises & work outs in the gym also help. Read a lot about good things. This too helps in keeping positively level high. Spiritual inclination is also a great motivator & so is the wonderful time once pence with family & children so this is an automatic stress buster amidst any hard pressed situation.

Relaxation tips:- Here is an easy and quick way relax your eyes after working on the computer for a long time.

  1. Lie down or sit in an upright position.
  2. Make cups of your palms and place them on your eyes. Don’t close your eyes when you do this.
  3. Wait and count till ten and remove your palms and close your eyes. Repeat this a couple of times and you will feel the difference.

Why does my Smartphone get outdated in 2-3 months?

We see new smartphones being announced almost everyday these days. Today we saw a new Nokia Lumia phone (Nokia Lumia 925) announced. We will see another phone from the Nokia Lumia series (Nokia Lumia 928) coming very soon. It’s good for users to have choice of phones when they decide to change their phone, but there are people who would want to have the latest and the best phone with them. If you are of that kind then you would now have to change your phone every 3 months.

iPhone comes up with a new device atleast once or twice a year, but these Windows Mobile and Android devices are seen popping up every now and then. You get really confused when you have to buy a latest device. I use a Galaxy Note 2 which I purchased when it was released, we now hear about the next version, that is the Galaxy Note 3. I was a Galaxy Note 1 user too, which I hardly used for 8 months. You should be sure to buy a device as soon as it is in the market or you may see that the next version is going to come to the market very soon.

You see big improvements in the hardware, new technologies coming up, new versions of Mobile Operating Systems being released, new applications in the market. I am not complaining about the industry growing very fast, but talking about the life of a device which we can use without getting a feel that we are using an outdated device. The operating systems are upgraded with new features and the hardware have to upgraded. You need more memory, space, etc when you want to upgrade to the latest operating system. Some apps stop working when you decide not to upgrade your operating system and you are forced to change your smartphone.

Looking deeply into the current trends and growth in the smartphone industry, we should tell ourselves that we need to change our smartphone atleast once a year if we want to make use of the latest developments, features, etc. Recently I was thinking of buying a Microsoft Surface Pro, but I hear rumors that there would a new tablet coming soon by Microsoft called the Microsoft Surface Plus and even new version of Windows 8 will also be coming out very soon. If you are planning to buy a iPhone 5, hold on, a new iPhone with new OS, iOS 7 will be soon in the market.

Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage – Advantages and Disadvantages

I am an Indian and when we look into the Indian culture and tradition, its mostly arranged marriage that happens, but now things are changing, old customs are just remaining customs. In arranged marriages, usually the parents or some elderly person comes up with a proposal for marriage and then they go through the horoscopes, educational qualifications, physical, chemistry, biology, family backgrounds / history and all kinds of stuffs and then finally the acceptance from the boy and the girl. Acceptance from girl side was not of high priority in most cases earlier, but now things have started changing. Some are really forced to get married according to the wish of their parents or elders. In fact they have to sacrifice their life for the sake of keeping their parents happy.

In love marriage, when a boy fall in love with a girl who matches his likes or a girl likes a boy and they becomes friend. The friendship may grow more closer and at one stage if they feel comfortable with each other, they may decide to become life partners. In most of the cases, all these happens without the knowledge of their parents. When the stage comes to get married or if a the girl or the boy is forced to get married to another person, these things come out. Some parents may take it positively and may agree to go ahead with the proposal have will end up with a ceremonial wedding. But in most of the cases, they lose the support from their parents and with the help of their friends, they are forced to go for a registered wedding and end up separating from their family.

Advantages of arranged marriage.

Its not always that arranged marriages are successful or love marriage are successful. We see that most of the arranged marriage are successful for some reasons. When its an arrange marriage, the parents do support the relationship and they try their best to keep the relationship live as it is their responsibility too. Arranged marriages are good, if you believe in astrology and horoscope. I have seen that some really grow good, life changes after getting married and some vise versa. In arranged marriage, the boy and girl will be from the same religion and caste, so they have the life style, food and culture. In arranged marriages, the girl is more protected as the parents care for  a girl who married according to their wish.

Disadvantages of Arranged Marriages

All of a sudden you start your life with a person with you have hardly spend any time. You don’t know the person or you may even not like the person if you have go married because your parents and elders decided your marriage. Most of the cases the girl is forced to sacrifice their likes and adjust to the reality. Some may just live their life it goes believing its their fate and their parents are happy, but some break up. Some start their love life after the wedding and really enjoy and are happy.

Advantages, Advantages of Love Marriage

Love marriage is a legal right for two individuals who care and love for each other to live together and go ahead with their life. In love marriage, you know each other well, you are not going to be with any stranger or you may not have much problems if you know about the person well before you decide to spend your life together. A love marriage can become un-successful, if you had a very short time time know each other and just decided to get married. If you are knowing each other well and you are sure that you can get along with each other without any problems then you can decide to get married. In short the advantage of going for a love marriage is that you are going to live your life with a person who you know well and you are sure that you can get along well.

Its not easy to go for a love marriage. You need to first fall in love with someone and that person should like you as well. It takes time to know each other and both of you should feel comfortable with each other. Decide to get married to a person who loves you more than you love that person. In many cases I have seen that one person is badly in love with the other person, but not vise versa. Never force somebody to love you and get married, you should give sufficient time to the other person whom you love to know you more and you should take sufficient time to learn your partner well before you both come to a decision to live together.

In my opinion, nobody can be sure that he or she will fall in love with a person and even if he or she falls in love with somebody, that person will fall in love in return. If you don’t fall in love or not get a right person, then you can think of arranged marriages. Even in arranged marriages you can know the person well before you decide to get married. You should make sure that your proposed partner likes you as well and is not agreeing for the wedding because of any pressure from her / his parents or any other reasons.

What’s your opinion? Should you go for a love marriage or a arranged marriage ?

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