Road Trips in India – My experiences

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Road trips are something which always I look forward to every time when I reach India. I have travelled extensively during the last few years.

Express Highway - Near Dindigul Tamil Nadu

Check out these videos on my road trips in India

Road Trips in India

Some Tips for Road Trips in India

Plan your trip in Advance

You need to check about the road, traffic conditions, weather, places to eat, usable toilets, safety, places to stay, cities passing through, etc before you travel. We do have facilities like google maps and many other services to plan our trips, so use them.

Start Early

I prefer to start my road trip at the earliest like say about 4:00 am so that I can take the advantage of low traffic congestion and cover maximum distance.

Find out the best places to eat

You can decide your breakfast, lunch breaks in advance and eat at safe and clean places. I prefer restaurants where there are good wash rooms also.

Try to end your trip before it gets dark

As I mentioned above, I prefer to start early and end the trip before it get dark. Certain situations, it would be difficult, but a better planning would make it possible.

Drive not more than 12 hours a day

I do plan my long trips in a way that I do not spend more than 12 hours traveling on the road for a simple reason that, too much of time sitting in a vehicle is boring and tiring. We do travel to enjoy and relax.

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Don’t Overcrowd your Vehicle

When it is a long trip, it’s better to have minimum passengers in the vehicle so that everybody inside is comfortably seated, have space to stretch their ams and legs.

Drive Safely

Most important, drive safely, no over speeding, no drinking and driving. Drive Safe, drive long.

Vehicle Check

Mercedes Benz – GLC 220 D

Make sure that everything is fine with your vehicle, I do get my vehicle checked periodically and even sometimes when I am going for a long trip.

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