Exploring Pelling Sikkim – Sikkim Trip Day 2

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So my day 2 in Pelling started at around 6 in the morning with me waking up to the most beautiful view of the sunrise and Kanjenjunga!!! I was just spellbound by the view!

Sikkim Trip Day 2 – Exploring Pelling

It wasn’t really cold in the morning or anything..the temperature varied from like 12-13 degrees and that was pretty pleasant according go me. After clicking a few pictures of the view, we got ready for the day and went down for breakfast. We dressed up pretty casually, and carried a sweater with us just in case it became too cold. We had our breakfast from the restaurant in the hotel we were staying in. People here are very hospitable and friendly and treat you like they have known you for years. While we were having breakfast, the receptionist was speaking to us the whole time and telling us stories about Sikkim. He also told us about the various teas available in Sikkim and Darjiling and their specialities. 

Places to Visit in Pelling

  • Skywalk – Don’t expect this place to be what you have seen in YouTube Videos in China, this is nothing, but the first Skywalk in India.
  • Rimbi Water Falls / Rock Garden / Orange Garden – Again, nothing breathtaking, good place, well maintained
  • Khecheopalri Lake – This was amazing, but you need to trek up to the top view point.
  • Pemayangtse Monastery
  • Rabdentse Ruins

After a satisfying breakfast, we officially started off to “Explore Pelling”!!!

Rimbi rock Garden

According to our itinerary, we would first be going to ‘Rimbi rock Garden’. Rimbi Orange Garden is a beautiful garden located at Rimbi near Pelling. Situated near Rimbi Waterfall, it is one of the best places to visit in Pelling. It is also known as Sewaro Rock Garden. Rimbi Orange Garden is a government funded orange garden. Along with orange trees, visitors can also see some cardamom plants and some flowering plants here. It is well maintained and offers good views of the surrounding mountains. We can access the river from the garden where one can sit on the rocks and spend some quality time in solitude. You can also buy oranges and cardamoms here.

The view of the river in the backdrop of lush green forest was a sight for sore eyes. I took some amazing drone shots by the river. We then chilled sometime by the river and left for Keechuperi/Khecheopalri lake.

Khecheopalri Lake

The lake is locally known as Keechuperi lake but is officially called Khecheopalri lake. Keechuperi lake is considered to be a spiritual lake by hindus and Buddhists. This lake is popularly known as the “wishful lake”. And this lake has an amazing view point!!

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We had to trek for like around 15 mins or so and the path was pretty steep too!

When we talk about how hospitable the people of Sikkim are, we have to realise that their animals are no less too. When we almost reached the top, a dog  came to us and led us to the peak and was with us the whole time we stayed there.The view from the top was just incredibly beautiful.!!!

I spared no chance to fly the drone here and shot some amazing videos!

The path was really steep and slippery and by the time we had gotten down we were all exhausted and hungry!

Kanjenjunga falls

After the grand descend, we headed to Kanjenjunga falls. Well kanjenjunga waterfalls didn’t have anything spectacular about it in my opinion. It was an average waterfall and the place had inexpensive zipline facilities.

You can see the waterfalls from road. But going by the trend that every sightseeing attraction in Sikkim has an entry charge, even this one has it. And on paying Rs 20, you get access to a stony path slightly inside from the road where the waterfall flows at its full glory. You can dip your legs in the cold water and spend some time around the waterfalls. There are village volunteers who give you a helping hand on the stony and slippery path too. By the time we were done with Kanjenjunga falls, we were all starving!!!

Hotel Kabur’s – Pelling

We decided to go back to the hotel,freshen up and then go for lunch. We went to ‘Hotel Kabur’s’, something that our driver bad suggested. We had scrambled eggs, chicken momos, pakkoda and fried rice from there. The food wasn’t great or anything but we were too hungry to even think about the taste. We finished our quick lunch and headed to ‘Rabdenste ruins’.

Rabdenste ruins

Rabdentse was the second capital of the former Kingdom of Sikkim from 1670 to 1814. The capital city was destroyed by the invading Gurkha army and only the ruins of the palace and the chortens are seen here now. However, the ruins of this city are seen close to Pelling

The Rabdentse ruins are part of Buddhist religious pilgrimage circuit starting with the first monastery at Yuksom known as the Dubdi Monastery, followed by Norbugang Chorten, Tashiding Monastery, the Pemayangtse Monastery, the Sanga Choeling Monastery, and the Khecheopalri Lake.


We had a lot of climbing to do here too but I have to say, the ruins and the view from the top is gorgeous  is worth all the effort!

We were actually running out of time. We had two more places to go to and it was getting dark. The sun rises around 4 in the morning and sets around 5 in the evening here in Sikkim. And it was already 3 in the afternoon. We had a lot more to do!!!

We were to go for the skywalk and to Pemayangste monastery. We decided to go to the skywalk first because we didnt want to miss it and we were going to see a lot of monasteries anyways. 

Skywalk Pelling Sikkim – First and only Skywalk in India

The glass skywalk in Sikkim opened on 1 November,2018 and is the first skywalk in India. The glass skywalk lies along a Chenrezig statue. This statue is the 4-tallest statue in Sikkim and also the tallest of its kind in the world. Chenrezig is the sign for Buddha’s sympathy and “Chenrezig” translates to ‘The one who looks with an wavering eye’.

The statue was magnificent!!! The skywalk was also good but I think I expected too much from it. I guess it was my fault, that I expected it to be something like the skywalk in China. This one wasn’t very high or anything but yes, it surely is an experience. By the time we finished the skywalk, it was already 5 in the evening. We were pretty sure the monastery had closed for the day and moreover we were all exhausted after all the walking. So we decided to return to the hotel. It was pretty chilly by now. We had our dinner a small restaurant nearby called ‘Bhansa Ghar’. The place was pretty low key,but the food was just delicious! We ordered rotis and chicken masala, prepared the local way and bowl of chicken Maggi. And I have to say, they just evolutionised maggi like never before! The rotis were very soft and the chicken masala was just so good.

After that we went back to our room. I did some editing, watched TV for sometime and retired for the day. 

Well that was them of Day 2 in Sikkim. It Was very tiring!! More to come guys!!… stay tuned!

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