Honeymoon / Vacations in Maldives – Travel Tips

Maldives is a beautiful tourist destination, known to be one of the costliest and very popular for honeymoons, water sports and private vacations for celebrities from around the world. In this video, I will be going into facts that you should know before you travel to Maldives as a tourist. https://youtu.be/0omgy-_g0sQ I have done a separate […]

Low Budget Holidays in the Maldives – Guest houses at Hulhumale’

If you are looking for a low-budget vacation in the Maldives, then I would suggest to check out some good Hulhumale guest houses in front of the beach. There are good number of low-budget hotels at Hulhumale’ which is an island connected to the Airport Island Hulhule’. Guest Houses in Hulhumale’ are getting very popular […]