Mysore Dasara Flower Show – 2015

Every year during Dasara, flower show is organised in Mysore at the Nazar Bagh. You can find different vegetables, Table and Guitar made of flowers, Marigold flowers, Celosia Flowers in beautiful colours, Stall from the University of Horticultural Sciences, Bagalkot., Fruits and vegetables

Over all it’s a recommend event to visit. This happens every year during the Dasara Festival. Thousands of tourists from different parts of India and World visit Mysore during this festival.

More information of the Mysore Dasara Flower show.

Mysore Dasara festival 2015

Mysore is famous for this yearly Dasara celebrations. If you get a chance to visit Mysore during this festival, you should never miss it. Yes it would be more crowded, but it would be worth. The preparations starts months before the event and it is well organised. Mysore being the most cleanest city in India looks more cultural during these celebration days.


The number of tourists coming to Mysore during this period is very high compared to the regular days. Please plan your stay, hotel bookings in advance as most of the hotels will be booked.

“The famous Mysore Dasara festival is held each in Mysore. Earlier, the festival was planned from October 14 to October 23 but it will now conclude on October 22 itself. Astrologers have reportedly informed officials that ‘Dashami’ ends on the early hours of October 23 and it would be better to conclude the festival before ‘Dashami’ ends states a Deccan Herald report.”

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