Maldives Sunrise at Sinemale’ Bride

After a long wait, I could capture some good sunrise pictures from the Sinemale’ Bridge in Maldives. From Hulhumale’ Central ParkFrom Hulhumale’ Central ParkSinemale’ Bridge, around 6:00 amThe entrance from Male’A long shot 18-135mm kit lens – Canon 80DKing Salman Mosque – Picture from the Sinemale’ BridgeVehicles are less in the morningYes – Bus services […]

Sandbank Maldives – Barbeque, snorkeling and picnic

Sandbank is a sand deposit forming shallow area in a river or sea. There are many sand banks in the Maldives where the tourist or even the locals go for picnic / barbecue / snorkelling , etc Sandbank Maldives Trip We a group of friends went for a short picnic to a sandbank which […]

Evening Cafe’, Male’ Maldives – Oldest Indian Restaurant

Evening cafe’ is one of the oldest Indian restaurant in the Maldives located in the capital city Male’ (Orchid Magu). Evening cafe’ is more popular for Kerala food and monthly packages for expatriates working in Maldives, especially the people from the southern part of India. Other than Indians, Maldivians also have love for Indian food, […]