Trip to Kartikapalli / Kayamkulam – Thoppilpadeetathil House

Noni Fruit

My Dad’s Farm at Kayamkulam

Noni Fruits, Flowers in Kerala Kayamkulam

Earlier I had written about the availability of Noni juice which is very easy to drink in the right dosage. Today when I came to Kayamkulam, where my parents live, I was surprised to see the Noni Plant which my father had planted few months back is having flowers and fruits.

From My Mother’s Kitchen

It’s gives a lot of happiness when you meet your parents and spend time with them. I try that I meet my parents who are staying in Kerala at least once in 3 months. Makes a lot of difference.

All these food above are prepared by my mother, same old taste that we used say that we are fed up when we used to have everyday, but now we miss a lot. Check out the crab roast, fish egg, pulisheri, Kerala Fish curry, Cheembu, Kachil, etc

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Clay Utensils (Chatty) – My moms collections

These utensils are used by mother at our home in Kayamkulam. The food tastes really authentic when such utensils are used.