Evening Cafe’, Male’ Maldives – Oldest Indian Restaurant

evening cafe maldives

Evening cafe’ is one of the oldest Indian restaurant in the Maldives located in the capital city Male’ (Orchid Magu). Evening cafe’ is more popular for Kerala food and monthly packages for expatriates working in Maldives, especially the people from the southern part of India. Other than Indians, Maldivians also have love for Indian food, …

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Acha’s Poppadoms- Indian Restaurant in Male’

Acha’s Poppadums Maldives There are many Indian Restaurant’s in Male’, the capital of Maldives. I understand that Maldivians generally enjoy Indian food. Also Indians hunt for Indian food when they are away from home. Acha’s Poppadums Maldives is one of the popular Indian Restaurants in Maldives I occasionally go out for having food, usually when …

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Aviyal Recipe

Aviyal or Avial is like a multi vitamin tablet since it has all sorts of vegetables. In Kerala, it is an important side dish for any wedding among Hindus or an important item for Onam feast. Ingredients: Raw banana – 1, cut into 2” piece Yam – 1 cup, cut into thin slices of 2” …

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