I have been using MAC for a long time and Mac Mail is something which I use very much for my official email. In todays world we do most of our work sitting at office or at home or even when we are traveling. Emails are the best and most used tool for communication and its very important that we are not losing track of something which we are working on. There are instances that we lose track when we do not get a reply or there is a delay from our side or for any other reason. There are many ways that we can keep tracking the conversation like assigning labels if you are using a gmail or connect an email to a task and so on.

Now let me talk about MailButler, which is a Mac Mail plugin and has really cool features. I use services like Evernote, reminders, dropbox, etc and I need to access files, save information to these services and its like a pain to do it manually. For example, I need to set a reminder to an email that I received, I can just do it with a click using MailButler.

You can download the plugin and try the features for free and decide for a paid service is you really need more than free features.


These are the plans, just start off, may be you would not need to even buy a plan but still use the professional features as there are about 30 free uses that you can do for a month. There are also ways that you can increase your monthly free usage.

I mainly use to write notes to Evernote and the task manager. So if you are a Mac Mail user, head on the MailButler website and check out the plugin, you may love it and it would be a great timesaver for you.

Let me know your thoughts.

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