I was planning to buy a good home theatre for a long time and finally got a something which I had been searching for, Bose Lifestyle 650. I visited showrooms of Harman Kardon, B & O (Too Pricy, but you will love it) and finally Bose Store.

Installation was done by Bose Engineers, took just about 2-3 hours. They did all the work including the casing of the speaker wires. The system is excellent and I am sure you will love it.

Price INR 400K

Stocks were readily available in Bangalore, but it took 5 days for the installation which I feel the bose team should look into.

You have 5 HDMI ports, which would take care of all you devices to be connected in. The universal remove would get rid of all your remotes, yes, you can manage all your devices using the Bose universal remote. 5 Speakers, One Woofer and then the Console.

I really love the soundtouch, which streams all kinds of music from the internet.

More information on Bose Lifestyle 650

Update : 13-May-2017 12:54 (IST)

After using Bose LifeStyle 650 for about a week, I would say that the performance is excellent. I even reset the unit to factory settings and re-configured it myself. It’s working great. Go for it if you love good sound and have time to watch movies at home.

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