The latest iPad Pro 10.5 is a good replacement for my MacBook Pro. Since I no longer do any core programming or coding work which I was doing earlier, I thought it would be good idea to move to a iPad Pro and some what stop carrying the MBP. Let me make it very clear, I cannot completely get rid of my MBP for many reasons like doing some serious backup / restore process, configuring my Time Capsule, Using iTunes to reset my iPhone / iPad, etc.
These are the core applications that belongs to iOS and I use this more for one main reason and that is simplicity. Not too much of features, so I can do things faster and keep things simple.

  1. iCloud Storage – I have a 1TB storage, all my photos and files are stored and backed up using iCloud and it works seamlessly across all my devices and most of my friends / family use iPhones so this works great for sharing files too. But for my office work, I have to depend on Google Drive as we are using Google Apps for official purpose.
  2. Photos – All pictures taken from any of my Apple device will store them to iCloud and I can view them, do basic editing using the application, works great and is very simple.
  3. Mail – Apple iOS Mail works good for me, I use the Exchange option to configure my Google account and get to use the Push mail, so no delays, get all my mails instantly.
  4. Notes – I used to use Evernote for all my notes, files storage, meeting notes, projects and have been using it for some time now. After getting this iPad Pro and experiencing the iOS 11, I decided to use the Apple notes as my note taking application. I can do almost everything that I used to do using EverNote. Some features like tagging, clipping, etc are something I miss, but most of my tasks are done very well.
  5. Reminders – This is what I use to set reminders and manage my task lists. The drag and drop feature of iOS 11 is of great use. I can drag an email on the reminder screen and create a reminder on the fly. Same in the case of using the notes where the drag and drop works great and I love this feature very much. I am sure once the public version of iOS 11 is out, all the 3 party applications would integrate the drag and drop feature.
  6. Keynote , Pages, Numbers – Used for my official purpose. Very rarely I use the Microsoft office products these days.

If you are a Pro User, you can get an iPad Pro, I would suggest a 10.5 one if you want to do more of content creations, checking emails, etc. The 12.9 inch iPad Pro is good for artists, designers , etc. You can decide on which one would suit your need. Get a good keyboard, I would suggest to again for a Apple Smart Keyboard, that works great for me or you can check for other options like the Logitech Slim Combo.

Happy iPading – Waiting for full featured iOS 11 that could really change the way people use iPad.

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