Apple is holding an event to announce new products. This happens with invitations and is watched with great expectations. What are the new things that we would be able to see?

Macbook Pro, iMacs, iPad Pro ? Just waiting..

Update : 27-October-2016 22:37 (IST)


Tom cook is on the stage

Update : 28-October-2016 00:08 (IST)

New Products announced are Apple TV App and MacBook Pro. The new feature in the MacBook Pro is touch panel which would be very interesting to use.

screenshot screenshot

Macbook Pro was explained in details, smaller, lighter and powerful than the predecessor.


New Photoshop application was also demonstrated.

You can order the new MacBook Pro now.

Update : 28-October-2016 00:19 (IST)

I was desperately expecting to hear about the next version of iPad Pro. The last iPad Pro was announced more than a year back now. I do not want to buy the one year old version now, as we can expect a new version with lots of new improvement.

Any guesses when we can have the next version of iPad Pro?

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