Yes we do have serious problems with Pakistan, they do a lot of harm to India and Indians. But can we paint every Pakistani with the same brush? We are neighbours, we need to work on improving our relationship. Ustaad Ghulam Ali is known to be a very piece loving human being. He has not spoken or done anything against India or has hurt the values of India. By doing this, we are not helping ourselves to create a peaceful environment. I personally feel that we should not behaved in this manner as this does not suit the traditions and culture of India. We can set examples and try our best to maintain peace and harmony.

Gulam ali

The action by Shiv Sena is to gain political Browny points, now we hear Arvind Kejriwal inviting Ghulam Ali to Delhi for a concert, which again is to score some votes.

“Pakistani renowned ghazal maestro Ghulam Ali is hurt and sad after his concert in Mumbai was cancelled following threats from Shiv Sena. Ali said he aims at spreading the message of love and peace through his music, and that his admiration for India remains unstirred.”

(Via Source.)

Update : According to Shiv Sena, we are also fans of Ghulam Ali, but how can we enjoy music when our soldiers are killed at border by Pakistan? Yes it’s true, but does Ghulam Ali represent Pakistan ? Can’t we keep politics and art separate. We have seen Indian singers and Pakistani Artists / Singers performing together around the World. They entertain people and we should not mix politics with art / artists

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