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Mysore is one of the most visited tourist destinations in India. You can find lot of updates from this heritage city of Mysore in this sections. Reviews of the best hotels, places to visit in Mysore, Mysore Palace, Shopping places and many more information on Mysore.

Mysore bagged the most cleanest city in India twice. Mysore is also known as pensioners paradise. A good place for a peaceful life after retirement.

In this sections, you should look for

  1. Must visit destinations in Mysore
  2. Best Hotels to have food in Mysore
  3. Malls in Mysore
  4. Recommended services at Mysore

Mysore is a place where you do not have traffic jams, too much of crowd. Most of the roads are double roads, wide, well lit. No pollution, a healthy place to live. There are good townships being developed in and around Mysore like the Brigade Symphony Mysore.