20 Facts to know about Maldives

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Maldives is known for tourism and tuna. Check out the 20 things that you should know about Maldives before you visit the island nation

Things about Maldives
Facts About Maldives
  1. Maldives consists of about 1190 islands out of which only about 200 are inhabited. Out of this 200 many are private island resorts.
  2. Every resort is a private uninhabited island, so you will find only the guests and employees of that particular resort. Thats the reason Maldives is popular among the celebrities around the world for holidays as it takes care of their privacy and safety with highest standards.
  3. Velana International Airport, which is the biggest International Airport in the Maldives is on an uninhabited island which is connected to the capital Male’ by a bridge. After you arrive you will be taken to the resort by a speed boat or by seaplane or by a domestic flight.
  4. With no ground surface higher than 3 meters and 80% of land lying below 1 meter, Maldives is the flattest and lowest country in the world [source]
  5. Maldives is popular for it’s blue ocean, clean air, water sports like scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and more. You can do diving courses and get certified.
  6. You cannot carry alcohol into Maldives and you will not find alcohol on any inhabited islands in Maldives, but in every resort, you can get a decent collection of alcohol.
  7. Maldives has visa on arrival for tourists, you need to show your booking details at the immigration.
  8. All the resorts are connected by mobile networks, there are two mobile operators, Dhiraagu and Ooredoo.
  9. Peak season for tourism is between October and Feb (Dec and Jan are the most busy) –
  10. Maldives has the biggest sea plane company in the world. When you plan your trip to Maldives, you should check if your resort transfer from the Airport is on a Sea Plane. I suggest you should not miss the experience of a sea plane ride.
  11. Maldives is one of the most costliest destinations in the world
  12. Maldives Resorts are unique and popular for privacy, global standards and more
  13. In Maldives, expatriates from about 50 countries work
  14. Maldives is an 100% Islamic country
  15. Maldives imports most of the products for day to day use
  16. India and Srilanka are the neighbouring countries of Maldives, just about 1 hour flight from Trivandrum in India or Colombo in Sri Lanka.
  17. Maldives has the highest divorce rate in the world
  18. World’s first underwater cabinet meeting was held in Maldives
  19. Literacy rate is 98% in Maldivian Adults
  20. Like other islamic countries, Friday and Saturdays are weekend and Sunday is working day.

There are many other things which you will notice when you would spend your holiday here.

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