Today I wanted to order some food from Gonuts and when I called there, they told that the home delivery is handled by Badhige and they gave me the number (3306939).

The first time you place an order, they will register you and you can use your online account to place your future order. The site is well designed, you get can see the pictures of the food that you are going to order and the name of the Hotel from where the food would be delivered.


You need to provide your email ID and phone number during the registration. They will confirm your phone number by a phone call. You can see your order status online and also you will be informed about the bill amount. They will also bring the balance change if you do not have the exact amount as change.

I just place the order and am waiting for the delivery.

Update : March 4, 2011, 1:14 pm

Great Service – Received the order in 20 minutes time

Update : 24-June-2017 23:21 (IST)

This post was written about 6 years back, to just give an update, the service is running great. I have not used this service for long time, but I see my office friends using this and they say it’s great

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