Update : 05-December-2016 11:37 (IST)

As of now, the situation has changed very much, crime rate is very low and you will not find much of drug addicts on the street. The current Government / Police is very much successful in bringing down the crime rate and the citizens / expats are very safe

I had written a post about the safety of Expatriates working in Maldives about six months back and Today a shocking incident made me write this post just after returning back from ADK hospital.

One of my colleague gave me a call at 8pm tonight saying that one drug addict got into his house when he was at work and beat up his wife and his elder son. His younger one got scared locked himself in the bathroom so he escaped unhurt (Incident happened in Villingili, island near to Male’, police case reported). His wife was severely beaten up and head hit the floor. This guy bit her finger and she suffered multiple injuries. She started screaming which was heard by a local person who came to rescue them. He was also hit by this drug addict and he ran out to escape. He got into a mosque nearby where he was caught and handed over to the police.


The victim had serious injury on her head after her head was banged on the floor and had to be taken to ADK to take a CT and X-rays. Luckily things are fine now. My concern is the safety of the people living here. I am sure, there will be no action taken nor none of the media will report this incident. The country is flooded with drug addicts and common people are the victims of these drug addicts (including the locals). I don’t see any action take by the Government of Maldives. These kind of incidents are becoming very common these days. These drug addicts go violent to get  their next dose of drug and they may do anything to get it.

Infact my experience with the locals has been good. Most of them do respect the foreigners working here, but these drug addicts prefer to target the foreigners for reasons like, they don’t respond or retaliate and they can be scared more easily. If they try to do the same with locals, they get caught and beaten up. The pettiest part if from the police. Even if they catch a culprit we will see him released in hours or in a day. They don’t fear the police and many times these incident happens in front of a police constable. These attacks are done mostly on Bangladeshi’s and Indians and I wonder what the Indian commission is doing here. Anyway this incident will be reported to the Indian High Commission in Maldivesand would see, what they do?

Many expatriates are now leaving their jobs due to these reasons. If you are living in Maldives, be prepared for such incidents and if you are planning to come to Maldives to join a   new job, be aware of the situation here. MALDIVES IS NO LONGER A VERY SAFE PLACE, atleast to expatriates working here.

Update : 18-March-2017 11:20 (IST)

Since this post is very old, I thought of updating it with a note that things have changed a lot now. You do not have worry much about safety, yes it safe place like other parts of the world as long as you do your work and not get involved into unnecessary behaviors / deeds.

If you are offered a job in Maldives, yes go ahead, its a safe and nice place.

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