Maafushi – Low Budget Vacations in Maldives 2020

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Maldives is generally popular for costly water villas, sea planes, celebrities, water sports, etc. If you are planning for a vacation to Maldives and you are worried about the costs, don’t worry, you can enjoy holidays, beaches, water sports, snorkelling and everything at a very low budget.

Maafushi Vlogs – 3 Days of experiences shared

My 3 days trip to Maafush

I work in the Maldives and one weekend I decided to explore Maafushi.

Important Places / Things to do in Maafushi Maldives

  • Bikini Beach – Maafushi – All the beaches of inhabited islands in Maldives do not allow to use bikinis but in Maafushi there is an exception called Bikini beach.
  • Guest Houses in Maafushi
  • Restaurants in Maafushi
  • Water Sports in Maafushi
  • Snorkelling with Sharks
  • Corel Garden
  • Sand Bank Lunch

Pictures of Maafushi Trip 2020

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