I used to believe and experience that Maldives is one of the safest place to work and live. I have been working in Maldives for the past 7 years now, but I would like say that, these days, its not at all safe to move around in Male’ during late hours.


There has been lots of incidents of violence, stabbing, gang fights, robbery going on in Male’ and other islands. Recently we find these Drug Addicts targeting foreigners working here and they try to rob them. Two weeks back one Indian who was working in a restaurant was on his way to work early morning, he was stopped and asked to handover his mobile and money he had and when resisted, he was stabbed with a cutter. One of my friend saw a very rude incident that happened in Male’ couple of days back. An Indian coming on a bicycle was stopped and hit on head with a thick wooden stick. Same happens with Bangladeshi Nationals.

Last night, I was going from my office to my home at about 11:45 pm. I was walking on the foot path at Orchid Magu, near the signal, two young boys,(about 18-20 years old) were walking from my opposite side and by the time they reached me, one of the boy, he kicked me on my leg to make me fall for no reason. I was really shocked and when I asked why they did this, one of the boy who was dosed with Drugs, started hitting me with a some rolled paper. I was so angry that I gave him a very tight slap which made him fall on the road and I just walked off.

The biggest problem in Maldives is the use of Drugs by young citizens of Maldives. Drugs are freely available and a very high percentage of youngsters are using it and they are addicted.

I get lots of emails and comments asking if Maldives is a safe place to work. I would like to say, Maldives was a very safe place in the past, but now I don’t think so. Here the biggest problem is of drugs and for the sake of buying the next dose of drugs, the young crowd who are addicted to this dangerous disease do steal or try any odd way to get money. They usually target foreigners working here for this cause as they find that very less respond back.

Update : March 5, 2011, 6:49 am

Maldives is a good place to work for people from the neighbouring countries. For me it’s just one hour away from my home, I have a very good employer who takes care of me well. Yes there are some socioeconomic problems, but if we are just into doing for what we are here, then it should not be a problem. There are problems all around the world and when we compare, those countries with Maldives, its much better.

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Update : 24-October-2016 15:12 (IST)

Maldives is much safe compared to few years back. Now we do not hear about much crime and other disturbing events which we used to hear a lot.

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