Low Budget Holidays in the Maldives – Guest houses at Hulhumale’

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If you are looking for a low-budget vacation in the Maldives, then I would suggest to check out some good Hulhumale guest houses in front of the beach. There are good number of low-budget hotels at Hulhumale’ which is an island connected to the Airport Island Hulhule’. Guest Houses in Hulhumale’ are getting very popular these days, more and more tourists are opting for this.

Vacations in Maldives resorts are a costly affair, but definitely would be a lifetime experience. Most of the resorts in the Maldives are high-end, top brands and unique. The beaches are the best, standards are the highest and they make sure that you are happy.

guest houses in hulhumale
Guest Houses at Hulhumale Guest Houses at Hulhumale’

Guest Houses in Maldives Islands

Guest houses are getting very popular these days, more and more tourists are traveling because guest houses are affordable compared to the resorts, but you cannot compare the luxury and facilities of a resort in Maldives

Recommended Hotels at Hulhumale’

Guest Houses Vs Resorts in Maldives

Guest houses are mostly in inhabited islands. You will have the advantage of meeting the local residents. In case of resorts, you are in a private island where you will not see any local residents.

You are free to move around the island, get into some local restaurants, taste some traditional local cuisines. In case of resort, you have access only to the resort restaurants.

In an inhabited island, you need to be taking care of yourself when you are moving around, safety is not a concern when you are in a resort island. Moreover Maldives is a safe place for tourists, nothing much to worry.

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You can enjoy water sports, snorkeling, scuba diving in both the cases. There would be operators who would take care of this. You can check with your guest house about water sports.

You do not have access to alcohol on an inhabited island, you will have to go to a resort nearby where you can have some drinks.

Cost of staying in a Guest house would be very less compared to any resort in the Maldives. Guest houses in the Maldives have good standards and we see a lot of tourists coming and staying long in Guest houses.

You can do the bookings online for Hulhumale’ Guest Houses,

I would suggest Hulhumale’ a good place for guest houses for the below reasons

  1. Very close to Male’ the capital Island
  2. Connected to the Airport Island
  3. You can go and have a drink to the nearby Airport Hotel by road, very near by.
  4. Most of the guest houses are in front of the beach
  5. Good facilities like wide roads, hospitals on this island
  6. Hulhumale’ beaches are really good
  7. You get good Indian food from Indian Restaurants in Male’, the capital Island which is nearby. Check out the review of Acha’s Poppadoms – Indian Restaurant
  8. There are many inhabited island in the Maldives having guest houses facilities, which are good if you do not mind traveling a bit far from the Airport.

Video of Hulhumale’ Guest Houses, Beach and Water Sports – Maldives

Low Budget Vacations in the Maldives – Hulhumale’ Guest Houses

So if you are planning a holiday in the Maldives at a low-budget, then go for Guest Houses, you can find accommodation at Hulhumale’ at very low price compared to the Resorts. If you are looking for a luxurious 5 star or a 7 star resort then again you have great option in Maldives

Check my latest video on holidays in Hulhumale’ Maldives

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