I get lots of comments and emails from people who have got a new job in Maldives and want to know the living cost and to make sure that the salary offered is competitive.

For the past few days this kind of emails are grown so high so I though of rather replying to every email, I can do a post which could be helpful to the People who are coming to Maldives for joining the Job.


Recently there was news that some friendly country of Maldives has offered to give 1000 school teachers to improve the educational system in Maldives, but I could not find which country. It could be India or Sri Lanka or any other SAARC country.

Hello Mr Kishore

I have got a job offer from Education Ministry of Maldives the salary offered me is MRF 4940 within which Professional allowance would be MRF 525 and Living allowance would be Mrf 1950 which includes Food and Rent Allowance.
Please let me know the cost of living per month for an individual, they have said that as per Indian currency the salary would come out to be 32000/- please let me know what would be the amount which I can save sent it across to India to my family.

This was an email sent by one of my blog reader. If you are offered a teachers job in Maldives, then this is the standard salary. You will get around Indian Rupees 30,000 as the US$ rate is good now. With this Mrf  6500, you need to manage your Food and accommodation. For a single bedroom independent accommodation in Male’, it costs around US$1000, which is double the salary so you will not be able to have an independent accommodation. You will need to share with about 3-4 people a very normal accommodation with common kitchen and other facilities for which you should be prepared.  Other expenses will be water bill and electricity bills (Very costly) – Food is also expensive, you will need to spend at least MRF 1000 for your food. Then comes telephone bill, you will be using a mobile phone to call your family or home.

To be very clear, you may have to spend, almost what you get as your fixed salary from your job or you will have to live a very stingy life.

You will have  a working hours of at least 6 hours a day and right now the Ministry has given permission for teachers to work privately like taking tuitions and you can earn from that, but only after your school hours. You will have to work the whole day to make some money to send home. Now there is a change in Government and there could be change in policies too, but I am not able to comment on that now.

If you have got a job in remote island, then the cost of livingwill be less there, but chances of earning from tuitions are very less. The life in some remote islands may be not acceptable for all, but if you are ready to take a chance, you can go for it. Do not have high expectations, but there are people who are working in Maldives as teachers for long time and saving money. I don’t know if you are getting the job directly or you need to go through any agent and pay a big amount as their fees. Paying to a agent and getting this job is not worth.

There are lots of expatriates working in Maldives and the working conditions in Maldives are different depending on the employers.

Final Note – There are many advantages of working in Maldives as well as you need to compromise on many things. If you are ready and prepared then you can go ahead. You will get an International experience from a country which is very near to India. Male’ is not a very high tech city, its just a very small Island, which is very densely populated and the cost of living is very high. Almost everything available here is imported, you will not get any fresh chicken or meet, all frozen products. Vegetables are imported, some are available in the Local Market, but very expensive. If you compare the price with the Indian price, you will never buy anything, almost four times the price.

Update : Read this before you decide to come to Maldives

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