Evening Cafe’, Male’ Maldives – Oldest Indian Restaurant

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Evening cafe’ is one of the oldest Indian restaurant in the Maldives located in the capital city Male’ (Orchid Magu).

evening cafe maldives

Evening cafe’ is more popular for Kerala food and monthly packages for expatriates working in Maldives, especially the people from the southern part of India. Other than Indians, Maldivians also have love for Indian food, both south Indian and north Indian.

Monthly Packages for Expatriates working in Maldives

Evening cafe’ offers monthly packages for expatiates working in Maldives, please visit the restaurant and get the latest details.

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Check out this video of Evening Cafe’ Maldives

I recently was at Evening Cafe’ for lunch and could meet Mr Latheef (Latheefikka) who is the owner of Evening Cafe, Evening Foods and more. He had come to Maldives during the 80’s and very successful Indian businessman in the Maldives.

Lunch at Evening Cafe’ Maldives

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Have you been to this restaurant ? Shout out your experience. There are some more great Indian restaurants like Acha’s Poppadums, Curry Pot, Novina Cafe’ and more. Let me know the best in your opinion.

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