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Dhiraagu is the first and the most  popular telecom company in the Republic of Maldives. Dhiraagu, Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Private Limited, a joint venture company 55% owned by the Government of the Maldives and 45% by Cable and Wireless.Dhiraagu, started providing telecom service in Maldives during as the national telecommunications carrier of the Maldives.

wpid-dhiraaguSince that time Dhiraagu has rapidly built a sound, financially strong business based on a commitment to providing innovative products and services and a philosophy that places high value on customer satisfaction. We have invested over MRF 1.6 billion and employ more than 550 staff members of which 99% are locals.

Services Offered

Dhiraagu offers  a comprehensive range of fixed, mobile, Internet and data services throughout the Maldives including installation, maintenance and repair of all the services. Dhiraagu is the only total communication solutions provider in the Maldives.

  • Mobile Telephony
  • Internet Services
  • Fixed Lines
  • Customer Care

Watayaniya Telecoms is the other Mobile service provider in Maldives.

Update : 10-January-2018 10:03 (IST)

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