Dhiraagu Launches 3G Plus Service In Maldives

Powerful, Search Engine Friendly and more

Long awaited 3G service from Dhiraagu has been launched. I just activated my 3G account, speed is good (as per Dhiraagu – Dhiraagu operates the fastest 3G Plus network, offering download speeds up to 2.6Mbps. ), but not yet tried much. Now can can do video calls, browse the Internet, check emails in a smarter way.

Its easy to activate, just send an activation SMS, you get it activated instantly. You can find more information on the packages here.

I feel the charges are not very much encouraging to use the 3G service. If we have an access to Wifi, then it would be better to use Wifi. Dhiraagu has 3 Data plans. The best price per MB is coming to Mrf 3.00 which I feel is too much and if you are using above 50 mb which is free in the package. When I checked with the Dhiraagu customer care regarding the extra data used, they informed that it will be 1 laari per kb which works out to be Mrf 10.24 per MB which is surely not attractive. Hopefully Dhiraagu will come up with some affordable plans soon

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