Cruise Trip to Maldives from India – Cochin & Mumbai

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Recently our Prime Minister Modi Ji was in Maldives and be had announced that there would be ferry services starting very soon between India and Maldives.

costa cruise India kochi to maldives
Mumbai – Kochi – Maldives Cruise

As far as I know, there are some cargo ships operating during safe sea season (Not during monsoon) as the boats used are small ones. I was searching for the more information on this ferry service and today I got all the information on the Cruise Service going to start from November 2019.

Indians coming to Maldives for Vacations

During the early 2000, I used to see more of tourists from Europe and western world, last five years back, we could see more of Chinese tourists dominating the Maldives. Last 6 months it’s dominated by Indian tourists. The reasons could be

  1. Maldives is now well promoted in India
  2. Maldives is now connected to many cities in India, namely Kochi, Trivandrum, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi

Mumbai to Mangalore to Cochin to Maldives (Male’)

I desperately wanted to take the first trip, but unfortunately, everything was sold out, so I had to go for the second trip which is on the 27th Of November 2019. The trip would take 3 nights, would start from Cochin in Kerala by 06:00pm, the next entire day would be cruising, the third day, you will reach Male’ at 07:00 am, you will be staying in the ship whole day and spending the night in the anchored ship. After spending the 3rd night on the 4th day, 09:00 am, you will be taken to the Male’, the capital of Maldives.

You can travel to a resort in Maldives and return by flight.

rates of ship cruise to maldives from India

Mumbai to Maldives Cruise

Its the same ship which would start from Mumbai, travel to Cochin via Mangalore and finally to Male’, Maldives which would take 7 days.

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You can find all the details on the Costa Cruise India Website

About the Ship

The ship name is Costa Victoria, it has 964 cabins, including: 242 with private balcony and 20 suites, 4 with private balcony, 5 restaurants, 10 bars, Casinos, 3 pools, including one indoor and more

Cost of the Trip

If you are traveling alone like me, then it would costing you high. I had taken one cabin which can accommodate 4.

Kochi to Male’

No of AdultsCost
1Rs 56,032 (All Inclusive)
2Rs 73,080 (All Inclusive)
3Rs 95,697 (All Inclusive)
4Rs 1,18,314 (All Inclusive)

So, If you are booking for 4 adults, you get a good deal.

The prices above given are as on today, could change and is just to make you understand that you will get a good deal only if 4 of you are travelling.

I will be traveling in this cruise on the 27th from Kochi, will get more details on the trip after that.

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