Maldivesis a country where there are lots of opportunities for teaching professionals. Most of the expatriate teaching professionals are from India and Sri Lanka.

If you are looking for a teaching Job in Maldives, you will need to go through the recruiting agencies which is authorized by the Ministry of Education. The other possibility is to take a risk to come to Maldives and attend an interview directly, but that is being restricted now a days and its again at your risk.

The first option which I mentioned that is through the authorized Recruiting agencies in India which very often advertises the interview dates and venue in leading news papers.

Walk in interviews are conducted in India by the recruiting agencies in the presence Ministry of Education officials. They will promise you a salary of Rs 35000/- per month and a contract of 1 year. You will need to pay a service charge of Rs 25,000 to 45,000 for getting this job. You will be receiving the appointment order which will clearly mention your job site and other information.

Till now everything is fine. Once you reach Male’, and after you join the school, you may asked to go to other islands to work with reasons that you have a poor teaching ability or your accent in the English language is poor or you do not have subject content and etc.  What do the officials do when they do the interview? Other pity thing is the period of contract. Usually the contract is for a year and now a days we find most of the teachers are sent back or offered transfers to other islands which many of the teaches do not like and decide to resign, which creates lots of new vacancies and ultimately the recruiting agencies and other officials are benefited. Never expect the salary that they have offered. Now you do not get even Rs 40 per US Dollar.
I would like to conclude that the more number of new recruitments done every year, the benefit goes to the recruiting agencies and other officials involved in this and they do the best to do the maximum number of recruitments every year. 100′s of recruitment are done every year.

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