We had opened our 3rd Pharmacy at Gaadhoo Building on the 1st of October 2015. We have got really good response and could give valuable service to the needy. We cover a wide range of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, baby food, wellness products, surgical items, etc. Under one roof you will be able to come and shop for almost everything that are allowed to import and sell by the Maldives food and Drugs Authority.

We cover a wide range of cosmetics and also we have a dedicated counter for Revlon. You will also find some products which are unique and available only with AMDC pharmacies in Maldives. We import most of the pharmaceuticals directly, some we purchase and sell locally. All our pharmacies are covered by Amanatakaful Insurance and Allied Insurance.

You can find almost everything what you would need. We do supply to different pharmacies, hospitals, resort clinics and even Government departments.

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