The 60th Independence day celebration in Maldives. The program was held at Giyasudheen School in Male’. Around 700+ Indians gathered for the celebration. The VIP’s included Hon, Mr Pandey, the Indian high commissioner, CEO of State bank of India, Bangladesh High commissioner, Sri Lankan High commissioner, some Ministers from Maldives

The crowd was good. The program included some entertainment programs by smart kids, a fashion show and finally dinner. There was also a lucky draw. The event was sponsored by different business establishments in Maldives. My company, AMDC was also one of the sponsors.

60th Independence day celebration in Maldives

The program was organized by India Club. India club is a registered club in the Maldives and Mr Ghosh who is the Chairman of the club is working as the CEO for State Bank of India. The program was digitalized by a team of young technicians. A clipping about our Father of nation, Gandhiji was shown at the starting of the program.

These kind of celebrations are done periodically by the Indians. Last time there was celebration done on the Onam and Deepavali also.

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