Mysore Market – Get everything fresh here

Today morning, I went to the Mysore market for some shopping. You will find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from the surrounding villages and farms. You can also buy Sea Fish which comes from Mangalore, Chicken, Mutton, etc


Fresh Bananas, small traders get if from the market and carry to different locations in Mysore for retail sales






Issue of cleanliness

Mysore if comparatively a very clean city. Most of the roads and other public places are kept clean or cleaned atleast once a day, but looking into the traffic of tourists and people using public washrooms the maintenance is poor. The market is cleaned everyday in the morning, but as a customer when I walked in, it was pathetic.



Every shop / user should need to participate in keeping our city clean. It is not just the responsibility of the Government or the Mysore Corportation to keep the market and other localities clean, but every citizen should treat public places as their own home and keep it neat and clean.