Loyal World Opens its new Supermarket at Mall of Mysore Today

Loyal world one of the leading super market chains in Mysore has opened an outlet at Mall Of Mysore. Today afternoon had happen to visit the place and to be honest my first impression is that it is one of its kind in Mysore. There are many super markets in Mysore like More, Easy Day, Big Bazaar, etc. Loyal world has outlets at different locations in Mysore.

I could find some unique breads that I use when I am in Maldives, the dark brown bread, multigrain breads with very low sugar, good for diabetic diet.Variety of breads, I have not seen these many verities at any shops in Mysore

Fresh fruits and vegetables. You will find imported fruits and vegetables like you find at More / Easy Day, etc

The outlet is at the ground floor, separate entrance and exit, well organized. I have been seeing the interior works going on for almost 6 months now.

Update : 18-March-2017 11:14 (IST)

Loyal World Shop at Mall of Mysore is unique one, you will get some really good international brands which you may not find anywhere in Mysore. I like the variety of breads available at this store. Bamboo rice in Mysore can be found here.

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