Satria Coffee Plantation – Luwak Coffee in Bali

Bali Cat Poo Chino – One of the must visit places in Bali. Our guide / driver took us to the Satria coffee plantation to show us how the world’s most expensive coffee – kopi luwak or civet coffee – is processed. Satria is not only serving coffee but they have a wide range of teas also. They showed us how the coffee seeds are collected and roasted into different categories and the final product, kopi luwak is made.

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Bali is famous for Luwak Coffee.

Coffee made from poop / Civet coffee Bali

Luwak Coffee are made of  cleaned and roasted coffee beans which are eaten and passed through the digestive system of civet cat.

Civet Cat

Civet cat or Luwak is a small tree climbing who is actually behind the world’s most expensive coffee because he is the one assigned the job of eating the best berries and excrete its seeds. These feces are collected, processed and sold as Luwak coffee or Kopi Luwak. The other name for Luwak coffee is Cat Poop coffee or Civet coffee. This uncommon method of production is making this coffee so expensive coffee in the world.

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Two kinds of Coffee are available in Bali – Arabica and Robusta. There are many such coffee plantations in Bali / Indonesia, but I am not sure about the cost and worthiness of the product. I like any other tourist got some packs of Luwak coffee, but I later realised that those were not worth the money I paid for. While returning, I could find Luwak Coffee at the airport duty free for half the price that I paid at the Coffee plantation.

Should you buy these Luwak Coffee ( Bali Cat Poo Chino )?

Satria offers coffee tasting facility for Bali Cat Poo Chino. But this tasting is not for free but you have to pay for it.

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Civet cat coffee price

Again if you enjoy the taste and you feel it’s worth, then you can buy. Don’t buy too much because you can get Luwak Coffee at the Airport Duty Free for half the price.

Satria is not only famous for Luwak coffee but they have a wide range of tea varieties also. At the tea tasting area, we are served with 12 varieties of tea like ginger tea, lemon grass tea, jasmine tea, rose tea, lemon tea, vanilla tea, chocolate tea, etc.. these are not flavoured tea like other tea varieties. The real ingredients (eg; ginger or lemon) is dried and powdered and dissolved in the hot water and sweetened with palm sugar. You will not find any tea powder in it.

Pictures of Satria Coffee Plantation in Bali

A lot of tourists visit this plantation as they have a good deal with the guides and drivers. Other than Coffee, you can buy lot of other herbal products, spices, ginseng, etc… it takes half of your day in the plantation ….

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