Road Trip – Trivandrum to Mysore Via Kozhikode / Calicut

Road trips are very usual for me for some years now. I have traveled to many cities inside India, mostly south India. In this Trivandrum to Mysore Road Trip, we travel from one end of Kerala to almost the other end of Kerala covering about 650kms. Check out the route map

In this post, you will find videos, pictures of our road trip to Kozhikode. Some highly recommended restaurants at Calicut, which includes Calicut Paragon, Adaminde Chayakada and Dileep’s Dhe Puttu.

Trivandrum to Mysore Road Trip

Trivandrum to Kozhikode / Calicut – Day 1 of Trivandrum to Mysore Road Trip

We started at about 03:40 hrs from Trivandrum.

The advantages of starting early morning for a Road Trip

is that you can move faster, less traffic especially when you enter cities and market places. Usually it takes more 3 hours during normal traffic days to travel from Trivandrum to Kayamkulam, but during this trip we reached Kochi which is another 120 kms from Kayamkulam in little more than 3 hours. To be precise, it just took 1.5 hours for reaching Kayamkulam from Trivandrum during this drive.

Video of the Road trip from Trivandrum to Calicut

Disadvantages / troubles of starting early for a Road trip / travel

  1. You need to sacrifice on sleep
  2. Other than sleep, it is difficult for some people to have a normal day when they are not able to do with all the morning rituals.
  3. Some get morning sickness

Breakfast at Hotel Sukh Saagar, near Thrissur

Had a disastrous breakfast. We were planning to have some traditional Kerala breakfast like Puttu, appam, etc, but at Cochin (Highway), we could not find a good restaurants of these kinds. Most of the restaurants located on the highway were closed, may be they open late or they do not serve breakfast.

masala dosa from Hotel Sukh Sagar
Masala dosa from Hotel Sukh Sagar near Trissur

Economical and good place to stay at Kozhikode / Calicut

I do all my bookings for my stays during my travel in advance using, a great service. We stayed at a hotel called NexStay near MIMS hospital. A highly recommended place to stay at Calicut, less than INR 2000 for a standard room. The staffs were really good along with a good restaurant, bakery and location.

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Late Lunch at Adaminde Chayakada / Adam’s Tea Shop Calicut / Kozhikode

Visiting Adaminde Chayakada was one of the purpose to travel via Kozhikode. I wanted to do a video on Adam’s Tea shop and experience what I had read and heard about. Truly this a good place for foodies.

Official Website 

Adam’s teashop or Adaminde Chayakada was started less than two years back by Aneez Adam who himself is a foodie. He recently started an outlet in Dubai too.

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Video of Adaminde Chayakada

Pictures of Adaminde Chayakada

Chattichor - Adam's Tea Shop / Adaminde Chayakada Kozhikode
Chattichor – Adam’s Tea Shop / Adaminde Chayakada Kozhikode

Kozhikode / Calicut to Mysore Via Wayanad and Bandipur – Day 2

The plan for the day was to have breakfast at Hotel Paragon, then early lunch at Dhe Puttu and start our road trip to Mysore via Wayanad, Bandipur, Gundalpeth and Nanjangudu.

road trip Calicut mysore

Breakfast at Hotel Paragon Calicut

Hotel Paragon is a very popular restaurant at Kozhikode, established in 1939. If you are a non-vegetarian foodie, you will love this place. I have been to this main / oldest restaurant many times. They have related restaurants called Salkara in Calicut as well as other cities too. I have also visited their restaurant at Dubai which also serves the same tasty food.

Calicut Paragon has four sections. The first one opens at 6:00 am, which is like a normal tea shop (Kerala Chaya Kada). The second section starts at 8:00 am where we got in. It is ari-conditioned and connected to the same building. Then the 3rd and 4th sections opens only at 12:00 noon. The place is always crowded and sometimes you may have to wait for sometime to get a place to sit. The service team at the restaurant are very pleasant and friendly in nature. You will feel at home when you are at this place.

The place is well maintained and highly recommended if you are a non-vegetarian. I suggest you to take a auto rickshaw as there is a parking issue at this place.

Lunch at Dhe Puttu Calicut / Kozhikode

We check out at 11:30 am and drove to Dhe Puttu Restaurant. Dhe Puttu belongs to Malayalam movie star Dileep and Nadirsha. At Dhe Puttu Calicut, they serve more than 25 varieties of Puttu. I liked the food as well as ambience / interiors. The service, cleanliness, etc was good.

Nice space, good parking place, highly recommended restaurant

Kozhikode to Mysore – Drive via Thamarasheri Choram and Bandipur Forest

We started from Calicut after our early lunch at Dhe Puttu. As it was noon time, the traffic at Calicut city was not much, so we could come out of the town soon. Usually the drive from Kozhikode to Mysore would take about 5-6 hours.

Thamarassery Churam which is part of Calicut is a good experience for drivers. There are 9 hairpin curves, but not very narrow. The roads were good, so we could cover the Thamarassery Churam fast. Be very careful while passing through this area, some turns are really sharp. Don’t miss the view point, you will enjoy the view from the top.

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Check out this video on the road trip

Road Trip to Kozhikode

Driving from Wayanad to Bandipur, could not see any elephants or any other animals as our timing was not aligning with the road crossing time of the animals. If you want to see animals at Bandipur forest, you should get into the forest immideatly after the road opens at 6:00 am. Once were lucky and scared when we saw few really big elephants crossing the roads, but unlucky that we missed to capture the moment.

Now the roads from Gundlupet to Mysore are done well. We reached Mysore in less than 5 hours of drive (Driving Hours, we had taken couple of breaks for tea (Ponkuzhi Stores) and shooting pictures).

Final thoughts on Road Trip from Trivandrum to Mysore

The climate in Kerala was hot and humid as usual. Most of the roads in Kerala and single roads, so you cannot go on high speeds. Good thing that I should say that during this trip to Kerala, I found all the roads in Kerala where I drove was in good condition. Most of the places in Kerala was clean and neat. Had good authentic Kerala food. I would like at add something about the people of Calicut, they are very loving, tourist friendly and the auto drivers are really helpful and honest.

We enjoyed the trip very much, a memorable one.

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