Places to Visit In Delhi – Qutub Minar, Red Fort, India Gate and Dilli Haat

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If you have a day in Delhi and you need to visit the most must visit places in Delhi, here are my travel tips to Delhi. We had only one day and we wanted to cover the best places in Delhi. Moreover the climate was not friendly and we were feeling the burn and felt heavy breath due to pollution. Check out my places to visit in Delhi if you have only one day and one night.

Travel Tips for Delhi – Places to visit in Delhi Day 1

First thing you should check before you plan your holidays to any location is the climate. Check if it is pleasant time during day time. I did a big mistake by planning the trip too early and not looking into the temperature part. The day time was too hot and I really felt more to just finish locations faster rather than enjoying these places.

Start your day early, the roads in Delhi are too busy. I suggest to plan general holidays as your tour day rather than a working day because the roads are too busy on a working day.

Use Google Maps to move around to get the fastest routes.

India Gate – Must Visit Place in Delhi

As soon as I got to this place, I was so disappointed. The place was stinking and was filled with garbages and left overs of food and other wastes. India Gate is one the most visited location in Delhi and you should visit this place if you are traveling to Delhi.

A note to all the visitors and the officials responsible to keep the place clean, please we need a clean India.

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Indian Gate Video

Check out this India Gate, Qutub Minar and Read Fort Video

Delhi Trip Video

Pictures of India Gate Delhi

Qutub Minar Delhi

A much better place, well maintained and should be on the top of the list in the places to visit in Delhi for day 1. You should be careful of the things that you carry. You are not allowed to carry tripods and eatables.

Red Fort

Another must visit place in Delhi. You need to walk about less than 1km to reach the Red Fort from the parking area. You can avail the facility of battery operated vehicles for this. You need to pay INR 30 per person.

Pictures of Red Fort Delhi

Dilli Haat

We came here to buy some materials, cloths and taste some traditional Maharashtra food. A good place if you are planning some shopping.

Pictures from Dilli Haat – Travel Tips to Delhi

Dilli Haat Exhibition - Delhi Travel Tips
Cloth Exhibition and Sale

More on Dilli Haat

Best Places to have food in Delhi

We had food at some best dhabas and restaurants in Delhi.

Mezbaan for Muglai Food at Delhi

This a good place where we had some non-vegetarian food like biriyani and some mutton dishes.

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