Lunch at Olive Garden Restaurant in Mysore

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Looking for Indian or Italian or Thai or Chinese food in Mysore? Then you should try Olive Garden Restaurant Mysore. You can enjoy some of your favourite dishes at this place – veg, non-veg, hot and cold beverages, selected range of wines, delicious pastries, variety of ice-creams, traditional Indian sweets like carrot halwa, gulab jamoons, etc.

Olive Garden is a Multi-cuisine a la carte’ restaurant in Windflower resorts and spa in Mysore. It offers an open air dining facility but under a roof. If you prefer buffet, please avoid this space.

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Why I like Olive Garden in Mysore ?

Olive Garden Restaurant Mysore is one my favourite places to have lunch or dinner. I prefer the place for two reasons, the first one being the ambience of the place and the second is the quality of food they serve. In fact, I frequently eat at Olive Garden restaurant with or without my friends.

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Location of Olive Garden

Olive Garden is located in the foot of Chamundi hills and is almost inside the city or to say, is just 2 kms away from the city and hardly 1 km from the Mall of Mysore, the Race course and the Mysore Zoo.

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Olive Garden restaurant mysore

Ambience of Olive Garden Restaurant

Olive Garden restaurant offers a different kind of dining experience within the city limits. It is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Restaurant is literally hidden in the lush green surrounding of the resorts. The restaurant itself is surrounded by lot of greenery and a pool. Swimming white geese in the pool and turkey gubles is quite an experience while you wait for your order to be served.

Choices of Food at Olive Garden Mysore

Though they serve Chinese, Italian, Indian, and Thai cuisines , my all time favourite is hara-bara chicken kebab, fish tikka, dal-thadka with tandoori roti, grilled fish, etc.. from the Indian cuisine.

Pictures of Olive Garden Mysore

Service and other facilities at Olive Garden Mysore

I would give a 9/10 for the service except for the order serving time. I felt it took almost 25-30 mins for serving the ordered dish. F&B staffs are very welcoming and pleasant.

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Olive Garden Restaurant in Mysore

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Overall, the place is excellent, a highly recommended place to visit in Mysore.

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