Nagarahole Wildlife Safari and Stay at Jungle Inn Resort

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The Nagarahole National park or the Rajiv Gandhi National park is a very popular place for Wildlife lovers for tiger safari. We had recently been to Nagarahole Tiger Safari and experienced the stay at Jungle Inn Resort which is very close to the National park.

Stay at Jungle Inn Resort – Nagarahole

Jungle Inn Resort Nagarahole
Flowers at the Jungle inn Resort – They have a well maintained garden with flowers, fruits, etc
 Jungle Inn Resort - Nagarahole
Walkway at the Jungle Inn Resort

Check out the video below for our experience staying at the Jungle Inn Resort

Nagarahole Tiger Safari – Lucky if you could spot a tiger

Video of Jungle Inn Resort at Nagarahole

We were not lucky to spot a tiger, but could see some elephants, deer, etc, Better luck next time.

Nagarahole Tiger Safari
We could spot some rare birds at the Nagarahole Tiger Safari but no tigers
Bison – We could see this a lot, but missed the tigers
Deer at Nagarahole Tiger Reserve
You can find these Deer a lot

Video of Safari at Nagarahole National Park

Further to Nagarahole Tiger Safari

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