Drive to Gangtok, Yumesamdong (Zero Point), Yumthang Valley, Mt Katau – Sikkim Trip Day 6

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It was my 6th day in Sikkim and we were in Lachung. I woke up around 6 or something in the morning and started editing a few footage’s and photos that I took last evening.

After sometime we went for breakfast and had a scrumptious breakfast of toasted bread, marmalade and omelette. We checked out of the hotel at 8 and headed for Katau. We were first planning to go to Yumthang Valley. But a few locals told us that the roads were really bad and were not sure if we would reach the top or not. So we decided to first go to Katao and then try our luck for Yumthang Valley.

The roads to Katao were actually pretty okay, but were really bad at a few places

The  view from katau was actually just amazing!!

The mountains were covered with snow like a carpet and the weather was just so pleasant!! 

We clicked a few pictures and headed for Yumthang valley. Yumgthang valley is around 23 kms from Lachung and is famous for its flowers!!

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Yumgthang valley is the place where  the zero point is located and we were all so excited for it. But sadly the place was blocked and we couldnt go to the peak. 😢

So we decided to start for Gangtok without wasting further time and started immediately for Gangtok

The roads bak to Gangtok were just so bad and we were having a tough time!!

We reached Gangtok around 6 in the evening. We were staying in Le’ Primula( the same hotel as the previous time in Gangtok).

We decided to step out for a while and go to MG marg for sometime and just go for a stroll. We might have walked for like 5 mins or something and it started pouring so heavily!!😅

We took shelter in the nearby taxi standard waited for the rain to stop!

The rain stopped after sometime and we went to our hotel and got our umbrellas and put on our jackets and hit the road again!! We walked around for a while and it started raining super heavily.!!! We unfolded our umbrellas and walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner. We went to Sher-e-Punjab. 

We had fish fingers and chilli chicken for starters. Roti, roghan josh, dal and rice for mains! The food was just so authentic and delicious and we were too full for dessert. 

It was still raining when we finished. We rushed back to the hotel and went to bed soon after!! That was then end of day 6 in Sikkim. Didn’t really go according to our plans but as I mentioned earlier, we decided to enjoy what fate had in store for us! Way to go Kishore!!

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