Kannur Trip – Places to visit and homestay

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Tourism in Kannur is picking up with the new International Airport and the efforts to promote tourism by the travel business people and the Government of Kerala. There are lots of places unexplored when I spoke to one of the local person during my stay at Kannur. I had to cut short my trip for some personal reasons, but had decided to come back very soon to explore the unexplored.

Road Trip – Mysore to Kannur

We started from Mysore at about 11:00 am. We took the ring road and got to the Madikeri road. The drive was very pleasant.

Lunch at Coorg Cafe

Coorg Cafe almost very close to the Kerala Karnataka border

Stay at Home stay at Kannur

We stayed at a homestay near the Chaal beach, enjoyed homely traditional food. I usually prefer to stay at home stays for a simple reason that I can save a lot of money. Other than saving money, I get meet new people, eat homely food and more.

Chal Beach (Azhicode)- Best place to fly drones and enjoy sunset


Boat ride through the mangroves at Kannur

Returning to Mysore

For some personal reasons, I had to return back on the 2nd day.

Will return to Kannur very soon and explore

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