Maldives is a beautiful tourist destination, known to be one of the costliest and very popular for honeymoons, water sports and private vacations for celebrities from around the world.

In this video, I will be going into facts that you should know before you travel to Maldives as a tourist.

I have done a separate video on information for expatraites coming to Maldives for a Job, check out the link in the description box below

  1. Visa for maldives – For tourists the visa is on arrival. You need to have confirmed hotel bookings and return tickets before arrival.
  2. Banned / Items in Maldives – Do not carry any kind of alcohol, pork,Religious materials offensive to Islam, pronograhic materials, Idols of worships, etc – Details
  3. International Airport in Maldives – International airport, where you would be arriving is called Velana International airport which is located on an island called Hulhule’ which is a separate island for all the airports which includes the international airport, domestic airport and the sea planes.  Male’ the capital of Maldives is very close to the Airport, but it is a separate island which is visible from the airport.
  4. Traveling from the Airport to the resorts – Your resort will be arranging a pick up from the airport. Your resort would be very near or far from the airport. If it is far, you would be taken on a sea-plane or sometimes on a speed boat.

Resorts in Maldives

Every resort in Maldives is a private island which means that there are no public or locals staying in the island. It’s only the resort employees and the guests.

Every resort in Maldives is unique in some way or the other. Beaches in these resorts are very calm and you will enjoy the blue colored water.

You will find the best food and drinks along with other luxuries at every resort in Maldives

What are the things to do in Maldives ?

You can enjoy all kinds of water sports like scuba diving, water skeeing, fishing, snorkelling, etc. You will find all these facilities at your resort.

You can also think about planning a day trip to any nearby island or even Male’ the capital of Maldives to understand the local culture.

What should you take back from Maldives?

I would say, other than the memories, you should get some dry fish which is very popular and may be some soveniors if you wish to. You can check out the duty free shops before you leave Maldives.

Budget Vacations in Maldives

You have another option of staying at guest houses which are located at inhabited island in Maldives. You will have a different experience here as you will be living and moving with locals. You can enjoy local cusines and mingle with locals to understand the Maldivian culture.

Best Resorts in the Maldives

I am not going into naming the best and the worst resorts. You can check through different rating services to understand. For big brands like One & Only, W, Four seasons, you will find the rates high. You will also find some low budget resorts.

Best time to travel to Maldives for a vacation

Maldives is always flooded with tourists, but if you want hear my opinion, I would suggest you to plan your holidays to Maldives between September and April.

Hope this video gives answers to all your question about traveling to Maldives for a vacation

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