Holidays in Bali – Places to visit

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Vacations /  Holidays in Bali – My experience of 10 days in Ubud and Seminyak

A trip to Bali was a dream come true experience for me. I read and heard a lot about holidays in Bali and one of the Julia Roberts’ movies “Eat Pray Love” inspired me to plan my holidays to Bali. Bali is also known as the island of Gods and is a good destination for experiencing nature, paddy fields, culture, tradition, beaches, night life, massage parlors, forest, trekking, wildlife, water sports,  rafting, quad bikes and more. It’s a destination with lots of diversity and options.

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Places to visit in Bali

My preferred locations were Ubud and Seminyak. Ubud is a laid back city with lush green paddy fields, waterfalls, temples, etc… on the contrary, Seminyak is a vibrant city with night life, beaches, massage parlours, pubs, shopping, food, etc.. you will enjoy both the places since these two places are the twin sides of a coin. From my own experience, I suggest you to go to Ubud first and then to Seminyak. Ubud is about 30kms from the Bali Denpasar International airport (DPS).

Ubud (Kutta) – Destinations in Bali

Ubud is like a village, with no multistoried buildings, mostly the traditional houses, temples, forests, paddy fields. No night life, cost is much less compared to Seminyak. We stayed in a villa, Chez Ida, at a very less cost (roughly USD 30 per day including breakfast).

Temples in Bali – Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple, Tanah Lot Temple.

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Paddy fields and Rice-terrace are other important attractions in Ubud along with Monkey Forest, Ubud Market, Bali Zoo, Goa Gajah.

Don’t Miss – Luwak Coffee Plantation – Satria

Seminyak – Vacationing at Bali

Seminyak is a totally different place compared to Ubud. Here you have a very active night life, every other shop is a massage parlour. All big brands, restaurants, etc. The cost is much more compared to Ubud here. I stayed in a two bed-room Airbnb villa (about US$100 per day) with pool and all other facilities. There are lots of restaurants to enjoy your favourite delicacies. One of the many attractions which caught my interest was Balinese massage. Once you are inside the parlour, you will be offered the services of professionally skilled Staffs and they will pamper you from tip to toe. Deep tissue massage, head, and back massages are few of their specials and you must experience at least once when you are in Seminyak.

Overall experience – Vacation in Bali

I feel almost 100% of the locals are depending on tourism for their living in Ubud and Seminyak. Locals are very soft spoken and welcoming. English is the language you need to know to communicate. You should plan atleast 10 days for your trip to Bali or it would be a waste.

Vacations in Bali – Ubud and Seminyak

Indians looking for Indian food in Bali – Yes you will get at some Indian restaurant in Seminyak like “Gateway of India”. But you should try all the traditional dishes of Bali. Most of the dishes are non-vegetarian, so you should be prepared.

Few of the Balinese food which I enjoyed are

  1. Nasi goreng (Indonesian Fried rice with seafood and chicken
  2. Ikan bakar (Balinese grilled fish)
  3. Pisang Goreng (banana fritters served with or without vanilla ice-cream
  4. Sambal matah ( shallots chutney)
  5. Sumping (steamed dish made of rice flour stuffed with banana and sugar)

The place has lot of similarities with Kerala, like the climate, paddy fields, etc..Highly recommended destination for all age

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  1. Really thanks for sharing this useful post !! Bali is a nice place to visit for holidays and i will definitely visit these places with my friends.


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