Gangtok to Lachen – Sikkim Day 4

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This was my 4th day in Sikkim and we were in Gangtok. As per our plans, it was basically a road trip to Lachen. Lachen is the base for our next destinations.

We had a scrumptious breakfast from the hotel and prepared for checkout. We started at around 9 for Lachen. Well because of the rain, places at higher altitudes were closed and we wouldn’t be able to visit Gurudongmar lake, and a few other places too. Going to Zuluk was also not confirmed. The roads were pretty bad but the view was just worth it!! We could literally see clouds in front of us!!

We dropped by at 7 sister falls on the way and had a beautiful view from the top.

On the way I managed to take some Drone shots, the scenic beauty was amazing.

There wasn’t anything much to check out on our way to Lachen. It started raining a while later and it made the visibility rate super low and the roads were also pretty bad!!

We reached Lachen around 3:30 in the afternoon and it was still raining.We were staying ‘Holiday Inn’; It was actually a homestay, don’t mistake it for being the well known franchise.  It was also way colder compared to both gangtok and Pelling and the rain just made it worse. 

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We were just chilling in the room the whole day because we couldn’t do anything else productive because of the rain!! And when I say we were chilling WE WERE LITERALLY CHILLING AND FREEZING . We had some chicken momos, maggi and tea in the afternoon and spent the evening lazying in the room. 

By 8 we went and had our dinner. Got bak to the room and IT WAS STILL RAINING . 

We were tired of the day..we didn’t do anything though . And this was our 4th day in Sikkim and it was indeed a day well spent😆.

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