Exploring Lingtam, Drive to Darjeeling

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This was our 10th day in Sikkim and also the last! I woke up around 4:30 in the morning. Rohit had promised me he would take me to a nearby viewpoint for the sunrise. We got ready by 5 with my camera and drone! The weather was really pleasant and Rohit’s 2 dogs were sleeping on the verandah. We were to be leaving to Darjeeling today. We would spend a day there and the next day evening we would leave to Siliguri. Rohit’s mom offered me some amazing local tea, that I sipped on while Rohit got ready.

We left home around 5:15 in one of Rohit’s friends taxi. The viewpoint was around 8 kms from our homestay and the drive was pretty steep too! We first went to one of the oldest monasteries in Lingtam. This was the monastery where the yearly religious rituals were conducted. We could see the Bhutan border from there and the view was just stunning. With the rising sun shining down on the hills, the hills had a golden tinge to it. It was beautiful and indeed made my day!!! We then went to the viewpoint and got a gorgeous view of Aritar village. It was getting warmer now and we were growing hungry! So we decided to leave for home. Rohit’s mom made us some yummy local subji and rotis and we ate our hearts full.

We soon got ready and were done with our packing. We bid adieu to Rohit, his mom and of course, the dogs!!!

We started off for Darjeeling…!!The roads are pretty bad and it was so dusty all the way along and don’t even ask about the heat!!! We reached Darjeeling by 1:00 in the afternoon and the weather was pleasant. But the streets were thronged with people and the city felt polluted in a way… I don’t know why!

Maybe it was because we were in Sikkim and we were comparing both these places!! We were staying in ‘Hotel New Mandala’ in the heart of Darjeeling and that too added to the crowd! We had lunch from the resto in the hotel itself. The food wasn’t great or anything. After lunch we went to Mall Road. And to be frank, none of us were liking Darjeeling so far and Mall Road just added to it.!! 

Mall Road was very very very crowded and was very dusty. The place lacked cleanliness and the place was a mess. There was maintenance work happening in one corner and some carnival happening in the other corner. The place was littered and there were stray dogs loitering all over the place. We couldn’t stand this any longer. We went to ‘Golden tip’, a very popular brand in Darjeeling. They sell tea leaves, tea pots and tea cups. We got some tea, cups and a teapot! 

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After that we went to Nathmulls cafe and spent some time there. We had some tea and short eats. After that we went back to the hotel and relaxed for a while. It felt we were back from a war!

I edited my videos for a while and then thought of dinner. It was around 9 at night. We down to the restaurant and had a light dinner from there. We got back to our room and went to bed soon after. We were to have a very long day tomorrow and we had to get some really good sleep! Well that was the end of day 10! Didn’t go very well for us….hope we have better luck stored in for us for the next day.

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