Exploring Gangtok Sikkim – Places to Visit – Sikkim Trip Day 7

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Well my day started at around 5:30 in the morning and it was my 7th day in Sikkim.We went out for a morning stroll at around 6 in the morning or so and I got some really good pictures of the early morning life in Gangtok. I went there expecting to see quite and empty streets, but I was taken aback to see the whole city bustling with energy in the morning. There were people cleaning the streets, people rushing off to work and kids hurrying to school. I did some street photography and went back to our hotel Le’ Primula.

I was starving by the time I reached the hotel. All the walking had worn me out! We had a “yummicilious” bfast from the hotel and got ready for the day. We had a very busy schedule for the day. We were visiting 9 places today!!

Places to Visit in Gangtok Sikkim

We had a new driver from today and his name was Sanjay.

Ranka monastery

We started the local sightseeing from Ranka monastery. Ranka Monastery (also known as Lingdum Monastery)is located about 20kms from Gangtok town It is one of the most wonderful monasteries in east Sikkim. The monastery is spread out in a vast area with great scenic views. Since it’s relatively a new monastery and doesn’t have much historical or strategic significance. The place was very tranquil and the architecture was remarkable. We spent some time there and hurried off to the next spot. 

Banjhakri falls

We next went to Banjhakri falls. This was a site dedicated for adventure sports. I wanted to try a few things but couldn’t do so because of time constrain.

This waterfall and park is short drive from the centre of Gangtok. It is worth a visit to take photographs of waterfall and stroll in the garden. There is also man-made lake and statues that depict the Jhakri mythology. The Jhakris were local tribes who were locally believed to have power over evil spirits.

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Tashi viewpoint

After that we proceeded to Tashi viewpoint. It is located in Tashi, around 8 kms from Gangtok. It is believed to be the best viewpoint, which offers a dazzling view of Kanjenjunga on a clear day. But the day we went was pretty cloudy and we could only get a good view of the Gangtok city. There were vendors renting out local outfits for a picture and there was so much more happening there. The place was bustling with energy!!! We took some pictures and rushed to the next spot! 


After that we went to Ganeshtok. Ganeshtok is actually a Ganesha temple that is close to the Tashi viewpoint. It offers an absolutely amazing view of the Gangtok city. People not only come here to offer their prayers, but also for the view!

Plant conservatory.

After Ganeshtok, we headed to a Plant conservatory. This plant conservatory offers its visitors rare sights of the flora indigenous to Sikkim. We saw a lot of plants that we had only heard about so far and that surely was an awesome experience! 

We were starving by the time we got out of the conservatory. But we decided to finish the schedule for today and then have a relaxed lunch from MG Marg. 

Handicraft Exhibition & Flower Show

After that we went to a handloom exhibition and sale, and a flower show too. There wasn’t anything significant about it. 

Gangtok Ropeway

We then went to the Gangtok Ropeway. It was just incredible. We paid 99 rupees per person and I have to say, it was more than worth it!!! It offered us a view of the whole of Gangtok town and that sure was a sight for the sore eyes!

MG marg

After that we just walked to MG marg. Well MG marg is just like the Commercial Street in Bangalore or Urs Road in Mysore. But it’s just that vehicles are not allowed in those lanes and you have all the streets to walk and shop leisurely, without any vehicles honking at you! I don’t think it is right to compare, but I felt this was better than the  all road in Manali, as it was more spacious and clean. 

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Taste of Tibet Restaurant

We had our lunch from one of the most remarkable restaurants in Sikkim; The Taste of Tibet. We had some chicken momos and pork chilly. And yes! The food was just divine! It tasted so authentic and I couldn’t resist ordering one more plate of chicken momos.

Agarwals – MG Marg

After a delightful lunch, we just walked around for a while. And after realising that we digested all our food, we headed to “Agarwals’”. We had an aloo paratha, Rasmalai, vada pav and hot crispy jalebis, just out of the oil! 

Out of guilt, we walked around for some more time, did some shopping and went back to the hotel. We took a nap,( you all know what food can do to us!!)

We woke up some time later and then decided to go to MG Marg again. Well we really liked the place, away from the traffic! It was just so relaxing. We went to Chai Chun. Had some tea and got a few packets of tea leaves too! After that we walked for 2.5 kms to ‘Cafe Fiction’. Reviews on the web said that they ha ether best cheesecake in Gangtok, and being a cheesecake lover I had to go there! And to our dismay that place was closed due to elections! But the owner of the shop was sweet enough to direct us to another cafe’ nearby so that we could have cheesecake. So I had an Americanism and a blueberry cheesecake from there. I was done for the day. We took a cab back to MG marg. Sat ther for some more time. The cold breeze in the night was just so lovely! We wanted to stay there for longer. But we had a long day ahead of us tomorrow. We walked back to the hotel and soon went to bed!

That was the end of Day 7 and it indeed was very tiring! Way to go Sikkim!!,

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