Exploring Aritar Village , Lingtam, Home stay – Sikkim Trip Day 9

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This was our 9th day in Sikkim and we were in Lingtam and were staying at Palbhieu Homestay with Rohit and his mom. We woke up at around 6:30 and the power hadn’t come yet and all our devices were out of charge. All our phones, my laptop and even my backup batteries were draining out!!

We had some tea in the morning and just went outside to take a few pictures. 

We got bak home after sometime and I shot a few videos for the day’s vlog. After that we got ready for the day and went up for breakfast. We had toasted bread with jam and omelettes. The food was very yummy. 

We were waiting for our driver Sanjay who told us he would come by 8 in the morning. Meanwhile I spoke to Rohit about the tourism growth in Aritar and Limtang. He told me that the growth was pretty slow because there weren’t a lot of sight seeing spots in Aritar and Limtang. These two locations were only used as base stations for higher altitude areas. Our driver reached at around 9 and we left for aritar lake. He was late because the road was blocked because of the road widening programme.

Places to Visit in Aritar – Sikkim

Aritar Lampokhari Lake – Boating

We left for Aritar Lake. Aritar Lake is also known as Lampokhari Lake. Thsi lake is noted to be one of the oldest lakes in Sikkim. This mesmerising boot shaped lake is placed at an altitude of 4600 ft above sea level. It is surround by rich green pine forest making it look even more stunning. There is also a small shrine on the banks of the lake that is dedicated to Guru Padmasambhava.

Amitabha monastery in Aritar

We finished aritar lake and then went to Amitabha monastery. It was closed on account of Good Friday. We had to climb up a lot of stairs to reach the viewpoint. But the view was really beautiful. Even the Buddha statue was very beautiful.

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Makhim viewpoint Aritar

Following the monastery, we went to Makhim viewpoint. We had to climb a pretty steep path for sometime to reach the viewpoint. From here you can get a view of yet Aritar Lake and on a clear day you may be even lucky to see Kanjenjunga. The view is nothing like the viewpoint in Pelling or Gangtok but is definitely worth it! After makhim viewpoint we left for Fusray.

Fusray Lake

Fusray was actually a trekking spot but after the road was laid it became a tourist destination. But when we went there weren’t a lot of people, but only a few people who had come for a getaway with their families. We went with our driver Sanjay to the top. There was a beautiful natural lake on top of the hill. It is believed that it is a wishful lake and if you wish wholeheartedly for something it will come true. It is also believed that thsi lake would never dry up. After we walked for some more time, we came across a meadow!! And the view form there was just mind blowing. I took a lot of pictures and went back contented. After getting down, we sat in a gazebo for a while. We met a few environmentalists and two teenage girls who had trekked for 2 hours to reach the spot. We chit chatted for a while and then decided to get back home. It was already 2 in the afternoon and we were starving after all that walking we had done. After Fusray we were very tired because the road was really bad and it went on for like an hour or so and we were like starving!! We reached home like around 4 in the evening and had a scrumptious lunch with so many dishes!!!

After lunch I had a power nap.  We had our tea around 5:30 and were just sitting in the darkness. The power hadn’t come yet!!. We weren’t really missing out anything but our devices were in pathetic conditions!!. We were just wasting time sitting in the dark when Rohit came and called us for a chat. We spoke for like a couple of hours and he also played the guitar for us. We had our dinner around 8 and went to bed soon after. We had had a very long day and were very tired. This was our last day in Sikkim. Tomorrow we were to leave for Darjiling. Sikkim trip was coming to an end. End of Day 9… way to go Kishore!!!

Video of Aritar Village – Day 9 Sikkim Trip

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