Drive to Lachung, Thangu Chapta Valley – Sikkim Trip Day 5

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Well it was day 5 I’m Sikkim and we were in Lachen. I woke up at around 5 or something in the morning and it was still raining!!

Ok fine let me just correct myself! WE THOUGHT IT WAS RAINING. Since we are atop the mountain the water from the mountain is always flowing in this sound of water flowing made us think that it was raining the whole time!! But it wasn’t. We wasted the whole of yesterday evening sitting inside thinking it was raining. Anyways, back to the story. I woke up at around 5 and I went out with my friends to experience an early morning in Lachen. It was freezing outside, but the view was just gorgeous. I spent some time clicking pictures and blogging and then got back to the hotel.

We were supposed to leave home for Choptha valley at 6:30 in the morning so we had to get ready really early. I got back and changed my clothes for the day

And by the time I got undressed I realised I  was wearing half my suitcase of clothes😂.

I started layering clothes on me again and finally got ready…

We had Maggi for breakfast and I have to say, people in Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh make Maggi taste so good. Like they have evolutionised maggi so much, it’s almost not considered the ‘2 minute Maggi’ anymore . The recipes are just so complex!

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We were running late and after a literal ‘2 minute’ breakfast, we started for Chopta valley and damn!! The view was just breathtaking!!

The temperature was below 0 degrees and it was freezing out there, but we were all warmly packed in the car.

We could not reach Chopta valley  because there was a landslide and could only go upto Thango!

So we just spent some taking a few photographs and decide to get back to the hotel because there was no use waiting.On the way we got down at Samdong cafe and had some food. They had yummy omelettes and amazing tea!We reached our hotel by 11:00 in the morning and just chilled for sometime. We had to leave for Lachung at 12:00. We had our lunch from there and started for Lachung

Lachen and Lachung lie at a time distance of approximately 2 hours. It started raining after sometime and it was difficult for puranji to drive. We reached our hotel SEASON HOUSE by 2:30 and wow!!

This hotel was on top of a hill and after this hotel it was a dead end.!!

And the view was just stunning!!😍

We went out for a walk and got some really amazing shots!! We just got back to our room very soon because we thought we would freeze to death very soon! It was chilling outside. We just put the heater on full heat and went on doing our work, I did some editing. By 7, we went for dinner. They had a huge menu laid out for only the 3 of us. And the food was just so yummy. After that amazing dinner, we soon went to bed. Well nothing very exciting happened today. Nothing was going according to plans. But we decided to enjoy this and make most of the vacation. . Well that was the end of day 5. More to come!!

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