Dhimbam Ghats – 27 hairpin curves, travelling via Satyamangalam to Trivandrum

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Road Trip – Mysore to Trivandrum

Road trips are very often for me. We were traveling from Mysore to Trivandrum. Our usual route is to travel via Bangalore – Salem – Madurai – Tirunelveli – Kavilkenar – Nagercoil and finally Trivandrum. Sometime we divert after Madurai to Tenkasi – Courtallam and then Trivandrum. The highlight of this trip are the 27 hairpin curves at Dhimbam Ghats

There is another route from Mysore to Trivandrum which is again very commonly used which is via Sathyamangalam. I was using this route often but my last experience made me avoid that route. We got stuck at the Dhimbam Ghats for about 5 hours due to traffic jam / lorry breakdown blocking the road.

In this road trip, we decided to go via Sathyamangalam after about 3 years. We start from Mysore – Nanjamgudu – Chamarajnagara – Dhimbam – Satyamangalam – Madurai – Thirunelveli – Nagercoil – Trivandrum. We avoid getting into Bangalore and the distance is about 150kms less. You will still take more time compared to the Bangalore route.

Check out the video below for the details of our trip from Mysore to Trivandrum via Satyamangalam covering the 27 hairpin bends / curves of the Dhimbam Ghats

Video of Dhimbam Ghats – 27 Hairpin Curves / Bends

Dhimbam Ghats Video – Narrow Roads

Beware that you should not get out of your vehicle while you are at the Dhimbam forest area. There are leopards and instances of leopard attacks are reported in the past.

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