Buddha Park Ravangla, Samdruptse Monastery, Temi Tea Garden – Sikkim Day 3

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My 3rd day in Sikkim!!! I was in Pelling and it was my 2nd day here. I woke up at 6 to the blinding sunlight that shone through our window!!! I’m just loving it!!We just chilled for sometime got ready for the day and went down for breakfast. They had a buffet laid out only for us. I had some Sikkimese noodles, paratha and fruits with some fresh juice. 

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We stayed at this hotel – Golden Sunrise Pelling Sikkim

After that we checked out and were speaking to the reception guy. He told us that there was an earthquake the previous night at around 11:40 and it lasted for maybe like 10 seconds or something. I was sound asleep after my exhausting day and it was pouring cats and dogs last night!

Our plan of action for the day was to drive to Gangtok and visit a few prominent  tourist spots on the way.

Buddha Park Ravangla Sikkim

We soon started off and drove to The Buddha Park in ravangla. This park is also known as Tathagata tsal. It was constructed by the 14 Dalai Lama and was constructed between 2006 and 2013 and also features a 130 feet statue of Buddha. The statue marks the 2550th birth anniversary of Gautama Buddha. It was a very tranquil place and the majestic statue just added to the places’ glory. We spent some time there clicking pictures and walking around the park. I actually wanted to fly the drone, but they told us that it would be risky to do it in such a calm place, and there were a lot of tall trees too, so I didn’t want to take the risk!

Samdruptse Monastery

Samdruptse Monastery

After finishing the Buddha park, we drove to Samdruptse monastery. Samdruptse literally means ‘Wish fulfilling Hill’. The locals believe that the hill is actually a dormant volcano and the Buddhists lamas have been regularly offering prayers so that the volcano doesn’t erupt. And they believe that nothing fatal has happened so far because of the powerful prayers. We spent some time looking around and were awestruck to see mammoth-like 45 mt statue of Sikkim’s patron saint Guru Padhmasambhava. 

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Namchi chardam

After finishing Samdruptse monastery, we were quite hungry. So we decided to eat something light and move on. I had a masala chai and some chips. After gobbling up some food we started off to Namchi chardam. So there are 4 shiva temples placed all over India in 4 corners. One in Rameshwaram, Puri , Dwaraka and kedarnath. It is believed that if you visit Namchi chardham it is equivalent to visiting all the four temples. It basically has all these models of these four temples and devotees are always swarming in. 

We had our lunch from the cafeteria in the temple. We had veg thalis and rushed off to temi tea garden.

Temi Tea Garden

By the time we reached temi tea garden, it was pouring so heavily that we couldn’t go on the tea tour. We were a little disappointed because temi tea garden is the only tea garden is Sikkim and well yes, we had to skip it. We just had some tea from a nearby tea shop and then started off for Gangtok.

It was getting dark and the roads were really really bad. It started raining and all .Well everything that could go wrong did go wrong.

Road Trip to Gangtok

We reached Gangtok around 7 in the evening and the city was just lit up so well. We were staying in hotel Le’ Primula and we were staying on the topmost floor and we had a spectacular view from our room. The city was lit up so beatifully, we just couldn’t get enough of it. 

We were really tired after the long drive and all the sightseeing. We had a really quick dinner and went to bed!

That was the end of Day 3. Was a very exhausting day. More to come!!! Way to go Sikkim!

Video of Sikkim Day 3

Sikkim Trip Day 3 – Namchi Chardham Buddha Park and more

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