Baba Mandir, Tsomgo / Changu Lake, Zuluk, Nathang Valley – Sikkim Day 8

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We woke up around 6 in the morning and started packing for the day. We had a scrumptious breakfast of bread butter jam and cornflakes. After breakfast we got ready. We were to check out from our hotel and go to aritar village and on the way we would visit Baba mandir, Tsomgo lake ( changu), Zuluk and Nathang valley.

We left the hotel around 9:30 in the morning. We first went to tsamgo lake. It was just so beautiful. The lake was like half frozen and it was chilling cold!! We were at 12200 ft!!

Tsomgo lake ( changu) Ropeway

We then did the ropeway and my god!!

It was one of the best things I had ever seen. We were at 14500 ft!! Goddamn!

And it was freezing cold!

But the view was just amazing. The snow on the mountains lay like carpets and my god it’s just inexplicable!

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We went and peed at 14500 ft and that sure was a memorable experience . We took some amazing photos and went back from 14500 ft to 12200 ft so that we didn’t freeze to death.

Baba Mandir / Old Baba Mandir

After Tsamgo lake we went to baba mandir.Baba mandir is a memorial constructed in the name of Harbhajan Baba who went missing in the borders of Sikkim and China. He went missing in a snowslide. After his death he came in one of his colleagues dreams and requested for a samadhi to be constructed in his name. People still believe he is not dead and spot him in places near the border very often. There is a new baba mandir and an old one. We visited both of them.

Since Nathan’s Valley was closed due to climatic conditions, we headed towards Zuluk. It was almost 1:30 in the afternoon by then, and we were all starving. There weren’t any restaurants nearby and we were at a height were we could see clouds in front of us. We drove for sometime and found a small cafeteria. We got down there and thankfully I didn’t freeze to death!!! We ordered some bread omelette and Maggi. And bread omelette in Sikkim turns out to be the classic French toast, so that was a flop. But the Maggi was delicious as usual.

We then continued for Zuluk. I was ecstatic about seeing the zigzag road of the old silk route. I was just hoping the weather would be pleasant and clear. After sometime we started getting glimpses of the beautiful roads. We finally reached Thampi viewpoint from where we could see the Zigzag roads. Being a photographer, I was overjoyed and used this opportunity to the fullest. I took a lot of photos and time lapses. And the best part was the weather was super clear and gave us an amazing view of the route. 

So we were to be staying in Limtang which was around 23 kms from Zuluk. We were staying at Palbheu homestay. We drove to Limtang and reached around 5:30 in the evening. Our hosts Rohit, his mom and his two dogs were very hospitable and gave us a very warm welcome. There was no electricity in whole of Aritar and Limtang village because of heavy rain during the past two days. And one more thing to be mentioned was; we were planning to stay in Aritar, but since we couldn’t find a good accommodation there, our tour coordinator arranged out stay in Limtang. Since there was no electricity I couldn’t do any editing or charge my batteries. We had another family staying in the same house. Mr. Anil and family, who were also from Kerala. We all sat together by the fireplace and talked for a very long time. We had our dinner at our 9. The food tasted like the typical homemade food but was truly delicious and soothing. After dinner Rohit played some music on his guitar while we all sang along. We had had an amazing night. It was indeed a day well spent. End of day 8!!

Check out the video of Day 8

Sikkim Trip Day 8 – Baba Mandir, Tsomgo / Changu Lake, Zuluk, Nathang Valley

Way to go Kishore!

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