Most of us were very much looking into the final results of the Delhi Elections after listening to some surveys and exit polls. I was thinking that the results would be very narrow. Both BJP and AAP would get almost the same number of seats or something bit here and there.

Most of the experts would never have thought that AAP would just sweep away 67 seat and BJP would just get 3 seats. Congress, I did not feel bad for them as this was something very much expected.


Why did AAP get this verdict?

The voting class of India is getting matured now. They know that there is know point in giving simple majority to form the Government. If you look at the Lok Sabha results we the people of India gave a very clear mandate to BJP. Narendra Modi promised to clean up India and focus on development. He explained to the people that he can fulfill all his promises only if he gets a clear majority. He asked to 240 the people gave him much more than that so that he does not come up with any excuses. Now its Modi’s turn to fulfill all the promises he had given to the citizen’s of India.

It was the same in the case of Delhi Elections. Kejriwal apologized for the mistakes that he had done when he became the Chief Minister. He explained that he could not continue as he did not have the majority to stick on and do what he promised, but now the wise people of Delhi gave AAP the full mandate. Expectations are very high Mr Kejriwal, you have to deliver everything what you have promised to the people of Delhi or you will be the next BJP or Congress.

Lesson 1

BJP during the 8 months was sounding arrogant, I personally felt this when the BJP spokes persons during TV debates calling names, defending the indefensible and many more. As a common citizen of this country I felt sorry when my Prime Ministry has went low during the election campaign. Mr Prime Minister, we have lots of hopes / expectations from you. Please focus on delivery rather than winning more elections. Don’t think that you can go the way you want for the next five years. We are watching you very closely. The people of India are well educated, intelligent and so you cannot take them for a ride as it used to happen. The Delhi Election results shows that the people are unhappy with some things that BJP is doing or not doing. It’s now your responsibility to find your mistakes and correct it or you could be the next congress.

Lesson 2

Congress is fully cleaned up from the capital of India. Now Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and all the tall leaders need to understand  and correct themselves or the BJP promise of Congress Mukth Bharath will be fulfilled

Lesson 3

AAP did lot of hard work, some of the AAP members like Shazia Ilmi, Benny lost very badly. It’s time for team Kejriwal to deliver. Do not upset the people of Delhi. Do not loose your focus, Delhi is in your hands, you have lots of responsibilities. Don’t repeat your mistake of going national. Enter into states in a phased manner. Do not do things that will spoil your image. Make sure that you are able to show what you can do in Delhi and replicate it to other states.

Hope in next five years the youngest political party in India which came out of a noble cause could bring some changes to the political environment in India

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