Internet is becoming popular day by day and we find most of the educated peopled do have an email id, they do browse the website, join social networking sites, use search engines to search for information. Its very important that we do use this great tool to improve our existing business. If you are having an offline business, you should also make sure that you make your business online. Don’t expect anybody to send you a letter by post to enquire about about products. Create a website and put all the information there. Have detailed information about your products, preferably with pictures. Have a contact form so that interested visitors contact you through email and get prompt response from your side. You do not need to have an office to make things online.

Create a Website for your business

Creating websites are not a great deal now, you can do it in minutes. Just find a reliable hosting company, register a domain and use some CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal to create a website. You can go for a professional theme or template that matches your business. Make sure you have a good logo. You website should have a contact us page, about page and detailed information about your products. I can suggest some themes like elegant themes, Wp Remix,Revolution themes, Woothemes which are excellent for professional blogs.

Market your website

Its again not a big deal to market your website. You can have your web URL on your products, ads or banners. You can use your web link in email signatures, spend some time visiting your competitors websites, write some comments as you should note that commenting on other websites or blogs are a good trick to bring in more visitors who are searching for the products that you sell.

Online payment option

If you are selling products that can be sold online, why not go for online sales. Have a good shopping cart installed and get payments online. There are many systems that work with your bank account or you can use Paypal, or Moneybookers to collect payment online. You should be aware that websites like amazon, E-bay do sell products online and the transactions go in millions.

Affiliates for your products

Affiliate marketing is also a very good system to increase your online sales. Start an affiliate program and get people to sign-up for memberships. They will work for your products and pay them a affiliate commission. You can use softwares like Post Affiliate Pro or PAP which is an excellent tool to manage affiliates and keep track of the clicks and sales.

Online Support

Other biggest advantage of going online with your business is that you can provide online support. Its very cost effective and there are good tools like support centre which will help you manage your customers well. I have used this system and it worked good for me. I have also used live agent which can be used to chat with your customers live. Give them an instant solution, this works great for online support.

Stay connected with your customers 24×7

Having a business online has many more advantages, you can be in touch with your customers 24×7 by using tools like a PDA, keep track of the sales as you get notifications through emails. You can have lots of control over your system if you go for different tools.

Bringing up an online presence for your offline business will surely improve your sales and earnings. Your customer base goes up from a limited area to world wide through the World wide web. Think of this if you are still offline with your business.

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